Working on a pig farm

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Birth stable

  • Feeding the pigs – mostly automatically, some manual work
    Monitoring births – help during birth
    Make sure all mother pigs have the same amount of piglets to feed
    Basic treatment – grinding teeth, castration, cut tail
    Supervision and health care – injections, antibiotics
    Weaning – piglets (over 7 kg) in climate stable and the mother pigs in run path
    Cleaning of stables

Climate stable

  • Feeding the pigs – automatically
    Daily supervision – treatment of sick animals (eg. diarrhea, injections)
    Sort pigs by size
    Preparation for sale (at 30 kg) – help loading the pigs on to transport (early in the
    Cleaning of stables

Run paths

  • Feeding the pigs – automatically
    Supervision and health care
    Move pregnant pigs to the pregnant stable

Pregnant stable

  • Feeding the pigs – automatically
    Supervision and health care
    Move to birth stable (after 100 days)

In other stables (slaughter pigs)

  • Feeding the pigs – manual & automatically
    Daily supervision and health care
    Basic treatment and castration
    Cleaning the stables
    Maintain equipment
    Help load pigs to slaughter house transport

Constanza, talks about her experiences as an agricultural intern in Denmark.

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