SKYPE Webinar

skypeagri LIDA is holding a series of 30-45 minute live  SKYPE webinars. The meetings are based on suggestions from farmers & students and agriLIDA.

Each Skype webinar combines a slideshow presentation from an expert with lots of opportunities to ask questions and interact with the presenter and other participants.

Webinar – How it works:

It’s real easy to participate in our interactive online webinar sessions.

  • 2 – 3 days before webinar begins, you will receive a email with information when to join the next webinar.

It’s that simple. 😛

How early should I arrive?

We recommend you access to Skype  2 to 3 minutes before the webinar begins. We will begin exactly at the top of the hour, so arrive early so you don’t miss any of the class content.

Webinars are brought to you live in your location via the internet on SKYPE. It’s good idea to visit SKYPE a few days before the scheduled session to make sure you have the appropriate software and web connection. 

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