Ways to Fund Your International Internship Experience

Ways to Fund Internship Abroad.

Interning abroad is a great investment in your future career, but everyone’s financial situation is different. Below are some examples of financing ideas to consider when looking into an internship abroad

Planning, budgeting, scholarship-applying and fundraising.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Relatives share in your dreams quicker than any other person. Come up with a professionally written purpose statement, cost, and importance then tell people you know about it. If it looks very reasonable, they will be more than ready to help. It is also possible to ask family and relations to assist book international flights with reward miles they’ve earned in their travel routines. This helps reduce the cost of booking flights at least reduces some financial burden.

Personal Savings. If you have saved your own money, you can support yourself on the program. You can create a separate savings account at your bank in which to save up to go abroad. You can then set up a direct deposit schedule where a set amount of money is automatically transferred into the account. A separate account helps you keep track of your funds, and if it’s not part of your regular checking account, you’ll be less likely to spend it!

Your University. Your university may have general resources students to pursue funding for international programs or internships. Does your school have a scholarship or financial aid office? Talk to your advisor about any scholarships or grants that may be available for you. Many universities have started programs to help students who want to pursue unpaid internships.

GRANTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS: There are several resources online which are not known to participants. Scholarships vary from one county to another and we require participants to make a thorough search. Participants search for online and other sources of funding international educations. We have admitted several students from institutions that support their trip. Speak with your Study abroad officer, they have several resources to assist you.

Start a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe and FundmyTravel. These sites allow you to share your story to potential donors, who can be friends, relatives or strangers, telling them why you should intern abroad. Get creative with videos and photos that you can spread across your social media. The best part is that even if you don’t reach your target, you get to keep all the funds you’ve collected!

Other ways to finance

  • The second job. The back-up-plan to everything:  Pick up a few extra shifts or work weekends while you’re in school to save up. Sure it’s no fun, however, once you’re overseas you won’t regret it. Just make sure to keep your grades up!
  • Check out different online jobs to help you raise some extra cash.
  • Sell some clothes! My friend who studied abroad has sold over two thousand dollars worth of her old clothes that she doesn’t wear anymore!
  • You know you’ve got a lot, and you know when the semester is about to end you’re going to wish you had less- instead of donating to goodwill last minute, think about local thrift shops and second hand stores around you.
  • Instead of asking for birthday/holiday presents this year (if you even get any) ask for donations to your trip! That aunt that gives you a bag of candy you don’t eat every year might be more likely to donate to a meaningful experience! Try it, you’ll never know!
  • Turn a hobby/passion into a career! Good at playing an instrument? Get with a professor at your university and offer private lessons to elementary/middle school children!
  • Good at baking? Offer to ‘cater’ for a sorority/fraternity or campus event and ask for payment or donations!
  • Really good a subject (math, writing..)? Put up posters and spread the word that you’re offering tutoring. A lot of schools have great tutoring programs that serve as on-campus jobs. Look to see if your school offers the same opportunity!
  • The biggest tip? SAVE! You don’t need that really cute designer clutch. You can clutch your phone in your hand. Those brand new sneakers that were just released? You’ll be just fine without them. It’s not going to be easy, but the sacrifice will be worth it! And who knows, you might learn a lesson or two about yourself along the way.

An Investment

There are many benefits to doing an international internship. Just as your education at home is an investment in your future, so too is an international internship. When considering the costs you will incur by participating in an internship in Denmark, think about the outcome of your experience. Will the internship help you in your studies upon your return to school? How will potential future employers evaluate this experience? Will you have made valuable connections and learned lifelong skills? Interning or training in Denmark is an opportunity that will help launch or improve your career upon returning to your home country, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

We hope you will consider these resources to help offset your costs. While international internships can be costly, the reward is long-lasting!

It’s your future, invest in it.