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Why You Should Always Travel with Insurance

It may cost you a million! Never compromise when it comes to travel insurance! To travel is to live, but to travel without insurance is stupid. There, we said it!

Insurance is the single most important thing which you should invest in and for the small amount of money it costs per day, usually around the 1 Euros, you would be stupid not to get it.

If you have forgotten or opted out on travel insurance, you stand alone with the financial responsibility if things go wrong when traveling abroad. Even less serious injuries like a broken leg or a less serious illness can easily run into thousands of Euros.

A million Euros or more

It is not uncommon that foreign hospitals charge over 5000 Euros a day for a hospital bed. Complicated injuries or illnesses such as a broken back, brain hemorrhage or the like, may (including repatriation by air ambulance) cost you more than a million Euros – if you do not have travel insurance, that is!

If you want to travel unconcerned around the world, it is essential to purchase travel insurance. It will be a much smoother process if something goes wrong.

Holding a private insurance? Check the small print

Please note that many travellers mistakenly believe that their private insurance or credit card insurance always cover the trip abroad. Beware, the conditions can vary greatly and it is important to read the policies and fine print very carefully before departure. In most cases, private insurance or credit card insurances do not ensure comprehensive cover if something goes wrong.

Be sure that the travel insurance coverage is adequate. Special attention should be on the following areas:

  • length of journey (be sure to cover the entire duration of your stay)
  • purpose of the stay (holiday / studies / business)
  • travel activities (make sure you have coverage for all planned activities, including risky sports)

List of travel insurances in Denmark

There are a lot of different insurance companies on the market in Denmark. It does not matter if you go hiking, on winter sport or you want to travel to a country outside Denmark- there is always a comprehensive travel insurance available. We have listed the most reliable travel insurances in Denmark below


Europæiske ERV 

GF Forsikring



Lonely Planet

These travel insurance companies all offer different features at different prices. Comparing all travel insurance policies can be time-consuming.

Never compromise with travel insurance!

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