Things to Ask Your Internship on Your First Day

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internshipWhile you might be concerned about being a respectful, under-the-radar type of intern so as not to step on anyone’s toes, you’re not offending anyone by asking questions. There are things that you, as an intern, deserve to know and need to know in order to do your job most effectively.

We recommends that “interns pay close attention to each bit of information that is shared with them. I always recommend bringing a notepad to jot down notes for later.

It’s also a good idea to read through any material you can; you probably received an information packet or employee handbook at orientation, so take the time to look through each section. And don’t forget to utilize your co-workers! They were all in your shoes at one time or another and will likely be happy to help you navigate your first few days as an intern.”

Don’t silence yourself until you’re satisfied with enough answers that make your tasks and goals as an intern completely do-able and clear… 


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