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Calling the Danes

Dansk-TelefoneIdentify yourself at the onset of the call.

For example, you might say “Hello, my name is (your first and last name )“ When you are introducing yourself for a personal call, it is fine to use just your first name.

Ask to speak with the person you are calling by saying, “May I speak with (person’s name)?” Do not assume you are speaking with the correct person. If the person has already identified himself upon answering the phone, confirm that you heard the correct name before continuing.

Banking and opening a bank account

Bank AccountTo receive your payment you will need a bank account first. In Denmark everyone has the right to open a basic bank account, however you need a CPR number first.

How to open a bank account

Remember to bring your CPR number, passport and employment contract or documents for educational programme, if you are a student.

You can designate your basic bank account as your Easy Account (NemKonto) for the reception of public-sector payments.

When opening a bank account tell the bank advisor that you would like to receive information in English, otherwise you will automatically receive information in Danish.

Choosing a Bank in Denmark

We have put together a list of banks in alphabetical order and included some of the services they offer. Hope you’ll find it helpful! 🙂 Click here to see the overview of Danish banks. (Pdf file) save it on your desk and then open it.

Not all banks offer online banking in English, so we would advise you to enquire whether the bank of your choice offers such service, as it will make daily life much easier.

Credit cards issued by foreign banks

Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in Denmark. American Express and Diners Club are also accepted, but not as often. Make sure to check whether an extra fee will be charged, Supermarkets in particular charge a fee when you pay with a credit card issued by a foreign bank.

Please note that agri LIDA merely seeks to inform about the bank institutions available. We do not recommend or favor one bank institution in particular. 🙂