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Create and submit your agriculture CV to agri LIDA, making it accessible to registered agriculture employers from Denmark as well as to agri LIDA advisers who help employers to find suitable candidates. Perhaps they will find you too.

  • You are a citizen of the European Union (EU)
  • You are looking for paid farm work in Denmark.
  • You are agriculture skilled with agriculture work experience.
  • You are English speaking

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agri LIDA are paid by the employer, so as job seekers you will not see any fees. agri LIDA has over 100 agriculture companies customers who we help find candidates and make contact.

What to include in your agriculture CV

Your contact information – At the beginning of your resume, you can include your contact information so that an interviewer can easily contact you to schedule an interview. Include your full name, mobile number and work email. Make sure to use a professional-sounding email to make yourself look more presentable. You can even add a link to your digital portfolio to improve your appeal as a candidate.

Write a professional summary – A professional summary is a short, two- or three-sentence paragraph that describes who you are as a candidate. You can list skills, experience or interests that qualify you for the position. You can also use your summary to list your career goals and tell employers more about who you are as an employee.

List your work history – In reverse chronological order, list your work experience. Include your job title, the name of the company you worked for, the dates you worked there and two to four sentences detailing the work you did for the company. Consider using bullet points to list your job duties so your resume remains clean and accessible to readers.

Add your skills, certifications and relevant education – In its own section, list any skills or certifications you have that qualify you for the position you’re applying for. The skills you list can depend on the functions of the job you want. Consider including a combination of hard skills, or technical skills, or soft skills like, communication, that could interest employers. They may list specific knowledge they’re looking for in a candidate, like experience working with specific machines or certifications that can help you in the role.

Advanced or job-specific skills You can also list job-specific skills in your resume. If you have experience operating farm equipment like tractors, forklifts or agricultural machines, be sure to include your knowledge on your resume. This can be especially important if the position you’re applying for requires precise skills. Consider listing soft skills in this section too. Skills like communication, problem-solving or attention to detail can encourage the interest of employers and show them you’re a desirable candidate.

Interests – List three interests that are relevant to the agriculture field. Also include membership of organizations that may be associated within the agriculture domain.

What’s the best format for a resume: PDF, MS Word, or txt? – In general, choose the file type that’s most likely to preserve your formatting to present your resume attractively. Usually, that means creating a PDF, which you can do using MS Word. Hiring managers regularly open PDFs on their devices.

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