Students Discounts

As a student you can get a discount on various different products.

Do you take full advantage of all the discounts available to students in Denmark? Probably not! Don’t worry 😍

Here at agri LIDA we’ve spent a weekend seeking out the best study discounts (studierabat, in Danish). From discounted cinema tickets to cheap coffee, there’s something for everyone; just remember to keep your student card with you and you’ll be sure to save.🤩

Some great student discounts you should know about! 😍

  1. With ISIC you get access to more than 40.000 of the best student discounts. 
  2. Cheap Student Flights Discount Air Tickets

  3. The best Student Discounts in Denmark

  4. DSB. As a student in Denmark is almost mandatory with a DSB Wildcard – you’ll save at least 25%, and some days, 50% on rail travel in Denmark. There are 25% student discount on train travel in Europe. You also get a student discount on the purchase of food, drinks, newspapers and other DSB service cart in the train – so hurry to invest in a DSB Wildcard, it only costs 180 kr. To order online and the money is saved already by the second trip. You can also get a Wildcard, even if you are not a student if you are between 18 and 26 years.
  5. Discover a world of student discount
  6. Grocery Shopping. Grocery stores don’t offer student discounts, but you can still shop there relatively cheaply if you know what to look for. Danish grocery chains compete fiercely with one another. Not only will they have big discounts on certain popular products, but they also have their own exclusive brands that they use to lure you inside. Look for cheap store brands – they will cover all your basic needs and save you a lot.

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