Pre-application instructions

Pre-application instructions

We want all internship applicants to feel prepared and confident. Learn about application requirements and how to prepare your materials. We want to help every applicant submit their strongest application. 

  • Please note: This program is for students who have not yet graduated. 
  • Ensure that you meet any requirements in the internship descriptions.
  • Follow all application instructions carefully and make sure to include all of the requested documents as PDFs.
  • Carefully read and complete the pre-application.

When to apply?

  • We accept applications all-year-round.
  • Non-EU citizens students are advised to apply 4 – 5 months before your intended internship start date in order to be successful and to allow enough time for company matching, job interviews and due to the visa processing.

Supporting documents.

  • Proof of enrolment in ongoing studie.
  • Education evidence / student record book. The transcript or mark sheet must include an up-to-date list of the subjects you have studied and the grades you have obtained in your studies so far.
  • Convincing updated resume / CV. To land that dream internship, you need a good resume.
  • Video presentation. Make it short. MAX 1-2 minutes.
  • Autobiography / motivation letter.
  • Reference or recommendation letter.
  • All non-EU citizens must prove their proficiency in English by providing a Cambrigde or IELTS certificate. Minimum score B2. ( EU citizens – do not need certificate in English but all applicants require a high standard of English. Please note that your scores from the English tests must be less than two years old.
  • Valid passport. ( EU citizens – national ID card or passport )
  • Drivers license.

Note to International Applicants

  • Academic records should give detailed information on the content and quality of your performance, courses taken each year, and grades received. The grading scale of the institution and your rank in class should be noted whenever possible.
  • Degrees must be verified by official copies of diplomas or conferral statements on academic records.
  • Academic records must be original documents bearing the institutional seal and official signature of the Registrar or copies verified by a school administrative officer.
  • If the institution does not issue records in English, original language records must be submitted with official English translations. We accept translations issued by the institution or a professional translating service. Translations must be literal and complete versions of the original records.

Verification of Application Data

  • The data you enter in the online application, including the contents of all attachments, is subject to verification. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information provided in the application is accurate.

Fail to Follow Application Instructions

  • If you can’t follow the application rules, how will you follow the actual rules of the internship? Your application is the first impression you are giving. If you aren’t following directions, that first impression won’t be very positive. By not following a specific instructions, you could end up being placed in the “no” pile even if you possess all of the qualifications the company is looking for. Make sure to read through the requested process closely.