Application instructions

Application Process – Step by Step

Applying for a agriculture Internships in Denmark requires some preparation, so we created a step-by-step guide to give you an overview of this process.

No matter which placement program you choose, we will work with you every step of the way towards your internship in Denmark.

Please see the process below for a good understanding of each step.

The Steps 

Step 1: Before you apply.

Do Your Research. 

Step 2: Suitability review – it’s free

A suitability review is required for all types of applications. This is to determine whether you meet the minimal requirements for the program during this initial stage, before a planning a formal application is submitted. This can save you time and money and will ensure that you provide the right information.

Suitability differs from the formal admission process and does not guarantee admission to the internship program and is entirely separate. 

Step 3: Formal application – it’s free 

If suitability review is approved and if you meet all of the requirements, then we invite you to submit a formal internship application. 


When you apply for agri LIDA internship programme, there are a number of different documents which you must submit along with your application.

Use the checklist below to make sure you complete and send all necessary application documents.

  • agri LIDA Application form – with picture
  • Enrollment letter – updated official verified. 
  • Academic Transcripts – updated official verified. 
  • Resume / CV – updated with picture. 
  • Statement of Purpose. Should describe your aptitude and motivation to enter the program. This is a good place to share your academic plans, interests, and future career goals.
  • Video presentation. Make it short. MAX 1-2 minute.
  • Two letters of recommendation. Preferably from current/former supervisor or professor with contact info and signed. 
  • Proof of English Proficiency. (IELTS ) Overall band score be at least 5,5 on a 9point scale. Please note that your scores from the English tests must be less than two years old.
  • Valid passport. (at least 6 months after completing the internship) All pages as well as front and back. ( EU citizens – national ID card or passport )
  • International driving license. (Type B)
  • Your student ID card. Clear photo of yourself holding your student ID next to your face and clear photo of front and back of student ID.

Once you have gathered all the required materials, you can start the application process. All required application materials must be submitted as PDFs. Submit your application by email.

Important notes:


Step 4: Video Interview

This stage will give us a deeper understanding of who you are, and provides a great opportunity for you to share a little bit about yourself with us. If you are successful through to this stage from the assessment – we will send you a link to complete the video interview on Skype or TEAMS.  Most interviews last around 30-45 minutes, but there are no strict time limits.

Step 5: Approval Proces:

agri LIDA staff will examine your application and determine if it satisfies the agri LIDA requirements. Final approval  will be given by agri LIDA staff.

Step 6: Receiving an Offer

We aim to offer all approved applicants, internship offers within 1-2 weeks.

Step 7: Employment contract signed

If positive agreement an employment contract will be signed by you and host.

Step 8: Final Confirmation

Your entire internship is arranged at this point and only after all the work has been done, we will ask you to pay the internship package. Attached to the internship confirmation email we will also send you the invoice of the internship package.

Step 9: Now pay the fees.

  • Pay Visa fee. 
  • Pay agri LIDA program package fee
  • You will receive invoice.  You have 5 days to pay the fee.

Step 10: We submit your Visa application online.

Now that your internship has been arranged and fees are payed, we are able to apply for your work & residence permit for you.

Step 11: Have your biometric features recorded.

This means that you must have a facial photo taken and your fingerprints recorded at a Danish representation abroad. The facial photo and your fingerprints will be stored on a microchip embedded in the residence card, which will be issued to you when you are granted a permit.

Step 12:  Wait…until your application is approved.

Visa processing takes about 6 -10 weeks. Do not make final travel plans or buy tickets until you have a visa.

Step 13: Your work & residence permit has been granted by SIRI.

When your application is approved, you’ll receive your work and residence permit letter from Danish Embassy.

Step 14: Book Flight 

Before booking your flights contact agriLIDA and arrange your travel plan to Copenhagen Airport. We strongly recommend that students travel with open ticket. (Open ticket means that the return date is not fixed).

Buy travel insurance for the number of days you travel from your homecountry to Denmark. Buy travel insurance for approximately 5 days.

 Step 15: Meeting YOU!

Candidate arrives in CPH Airport Copenhagen, Denmark. Within normal working hours, you are being met by a agriLIDA representative who will meet and greet you  and help you get settled.

Onboarding. You may now begin working!

Good to know

  • The application you submit for the internship is the first impression of you. It’s important to follow instructions in order to ensure a positive first impression and be considered for an interview.
  • You can only apply once, and you can’t change information once it’s submitted. Make sure you’re information is correct and updated before you submit it. You won’t have the chance to alter it at a future date
  • Please note that eligibility to apply does not guarantee internship in the programme. Although agri LIDA has a number of firms interested in interns there is no guarantee that we can find every student an internship. 
  • In some cases, we do not process applicant’s internship applications, because  agri LIDA has none representatives in the applicant’s home country, who can help and guide you with the application process and help ensure that you have all the in-country support required and to help you make a successful application.
  • Any false or misleading information will lead to rejection of your application.