Phones and internet in Denmark

Once you arrive in Denmark, Get Connected.

As a foreigner living in Denmark, you will need a mobile phone to stay in touch with family and friends back home and of course, to connect with other people in Denmark. 

List of mobile operators in Denmark:

Prepaid Connection or Long-Term Contract

  • When you are in Denmark, you have the choice of a long-term contract or a prepaid SIM. Understanding the requirements of both options will allow you to make the right choice so that you can get your Danish mobile number without any hassle.

Prepaid SIM

  • They offer customers maximum flexibility with the prepaid SIM option. This enables you to pay as you go. You do not need a Danish CPR number or an address in Denmark to get a valid eight-digit mobile number. It is easy to buy top-up cards anywhere in Denmark, as they are available at most newsagents, high street stores and a few supermarkets.

Long-term Contract

  • Well, if you do not want a prepaid SIM card and are looking for something for the long-term, signing a contract with the best mobile network in Denmark is the other option. You pay at the end of each month for your usage and nearly all mobile companies in Denmark offer lower calling rates for customers who opt for a contract. You can get quite attractive deals for new connects, but do remember that your plan will cater to calling and texting within Denmark. You will be charged extra for overseas calls. Hence, it is essential that before you sign a contract, you read the fine print, especially the monthly cost, the number of free calls and texts you get each month and the connection fees.
  • Remember, you will need a Danish CPR number and an address in Denmark to be able to get a phone subscription. A mobile phone contract is the best option if you intend to stay for the long-term in Denmark as most contracts are for a fixed time period, usually for a year.

Internet in Denmark

  • Connecting to the internet in Denmark is easy and affordable. Hardware such as routers and cables can often be purchased or rented at a low price directly from the internet provider. Alternatively, interns can purchase the hardware at any electronics shop. 
  • Once you have an idea of how much data you want to be included in your internet package, order the subscription service online if you are comfortable with Danish websites. Assistance in English is usually available in-store, although some websites like Kviknet have pages in English


Now you know everything about mobile companies in Denmark and the different options you have. Go ahead and find the right company to enjoy affordable and seamless communication in this beautiful and hospitable country.