Open a Bank Account in Denmark

Open a bank account in Denmark 

Working in Denmark? You’ll need a Danish bank account to receive payments like your salary and public sector payments (such as tax refunds or social welfare payments).

You can open a bank account online only if you have a MitID. A MitID is an optional identification number that works digitally and is accepted by both Danish banks and Danish public service offices. 

Lunar Bank Account.

Get a free Danish bank account and Visa card as an intern, intern, non-citizen, or international student, and manage your money using an English banking app full of helpful features.

  •  With Lunar you get a free Danish bank account and Visa card.
  • Please note: You must have a MitID before you can open a bank account.

Setting up your smartphone

Lunar available on device, varies from country to country. So, when traveling to a new region, it makes sense to change your region.

How do I change the region on my smartphone

Go to settings and change your region. Settings > Country/Region > Change Country/Region.