Working in Denmark

The World’s best work-life balance, an excellent business climate, and an efficient welfare state. These are just three of the reasons why it is popular to come work and live in Denmark. 

To have a good start in your working life in Denmark, it is a good idea to get to know how the Danish labour market works, including formalities, working conditions and workplace culture.  It may be structured and work differently than what you are used to.  But there is no reason to worry, since the job satisfaction rating in Denmark is among the highest in Europe.

The Danish labour market is internationally known for its ‘flexicurity model’. A mix of the terms ‘flexibility’ and ‘security’, this concept refers to a welfare state model that combines a flexible labour market with social security for all workers. Most labour market issues are settled by employers and employees rather than by law. Employees choose a union representative who undertakes local negotiations on wages and other work conditions with the employer. In many work places, professional organisations play an active role and approximately six out of ten employees are members of a trade union.

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