NemID – self-service on the Internet


  • Denmark have a so called digital signature, NemID. NemID – ‘Easy ID’  is the Danish digital login solution for both public self-service, online banking and access to the digital portals for your paychecks, SKAT etc.
  • NemID is a common secure login on the Internet, whether you are doing your online banking, finding out information from the public authorities or engaging with one of the many businesses that use NemID.

How do I obtain NemID?

You can obtain NemID through personal appearance at a citizen service centre.

  • Obtain NemID via citizen services.
  • Find a citizen service centre (in Danish – new window)
  • Please remember to bring valid ID and bring along a witness to confirm your identity in order to obtain NemID. This witness must testify with a sworn statement.
  • A foreigner who has resided in Denmark for a short time must, when ordering for the first time, always bring a witness.
  • A witness must be 18 years of age and have a Danish civil registration number, and must be able to present their own valid photo ID and sign a declaration of faith under criminal liability. If the witness has a NemID, the witness must sign the letter of intent with his or her own NemID.