Monthly Internship Report


Each month, you are required to submit a report to agri LIDA that ask you to reflect on your internship experience to the point.

  • To receive Internship Certificate at the end of your internship, you must submit monthly report. At the end of your internship, you must be able to show your university what you have learned.

General Information:

  • Describe your responsibilities or duties on the job this month. Identify how successful you feel you were in performing these duties. Finally, identify how you will work toward improving your level of performance for that specific job activity. 
  • The internship report is a document in English between 1- 2 pages long made in Word or PDF.
  • Your first & last name and address.
  • Your internship host name and address.
  • Month. 
  • Number of hours worked this month.
  • Write about what you learned this month.
  • Describe your responsibilities during the internship.
  • To date have you noticed any areas in your internship where it would have been helpful to receive more training?
  • Did you have any problems this month on or off the job that interfered with your internship?
  • Conclude with your opinion.
  • Internship pictures is very welcome. 
  • Please send any additional questions or comments.