Make Friends During Your Internship Abroad

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One of the biggest quarrels that some people have about living, working, studying, or interning abroad is that they won’t know anyone. This is a very common concern which you can overcome by just being more proactive.

Meet Up With Other International Interns. intern abroadMeeting up with other interns is a very good place to start when trying to make friends abroad. Check and see if there are other people interning in your company, as they may be looking to make friends also. If you’re interning through a provider like agri LIDA Internship Program it much easier to make friends.


Social Media Is Your Friend. MakeFriends-2This one may come as no surprise but has to be mentioned. There are so many social media outlets that you can use to help you make friends. Facebook groups are an ideal way to “e-meet” new people and schedule various social activities in your community. Meetup applications are greats tools to also use. For example, Tinder Social and Meetup are popular apps that are used worldwide and are unique alternatives to Facebook.

Take A Language Course. MakeFriends-3There are many benefits to taking a language course during your internship abroad. Firstly for obvious reasons, you get to learn a new language. But even more than that, you have the chance to take a class with other foreigners. This is a unique way to meet new people and put yourself in a better position to make friends.


Go Out With Your Coworkers. 148-arhusThis is an easy tip to start with if you’re struggling to make friends. When you’re a new intern with a company, don’t be surprised if your coworkers invite you to go out. Your colleagues will want you to feel welcomed and part of the team. Often times companies will have a once a week dinner or after working hours activity to boost the team morale.

Get Out Of Your Room. praktik boligGet out of your room. This one may seem so simple but it’s a major step in making friends. After a long week at your internship you may feel like watching TV all weekend, but its important to go out and be social, spending too much time in front of a screen can be a real handicap when it comes to the “social game.” Social anxiety or a feeling of homesickness may come over you during your internship abroad but the best way to get over these emotions is to get out of your room and be active.

Stay Up To Date With Local Events. nyvangWhen you’re doing an internship in a new country it’s expected that you won’t have knowledge of local venues and events in the area. So it’s beneficial for you to discover and learn about hotspots to visit. 

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