Looking for an Internship? You aren’t doing your homework!

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Mistakes You’re Making

wrongThe company you are applying to? You haven’t read a page of their website….Amazing!

Here you are, looking for a job–“I am so excited by the opportunity!”–and you haven’t done an ounce of due diligence. And if you did, you made it to the About Page and that’s it. No perusing of the blog. No research on the case studies. You just skimmed the front page and decided to wing it. This isn’t a book presentation in your English class. Get it together!

You do not have a  answer to the question, “What is it you’re interested in doing here?”

By no means am I saying you should, or need to have canned responses for all hypothetical questions. Be yourself and let the interview move as it must. But come on, did you not expect to be asked about what it is you might potentially be doing at this company?

It’s usually at this point at the interview that the decision is made, intentionally or not. If your response is, “Honestly, I’m not sure”… then good luck.

The real question is what value you can provide. Have an answer for that.

You don’t know anything about the founders of the company or the people interviewing you.

Usually, to set up an interview someone has to reach out to you, right? There, you now have a name and an e-mail address. Do some due diligence of your own. Look them up. Find out their role at the company. Read through their LinkedIn. See if you have any mutual friends on Facebook.

Do some good old fashioned digital stalking so that you are more prepared.

Remember: It’s not about what you want. It’s about what you can offer.

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