Local internship coordinator.

Representatives in your Country

There’s a lot to consider – and a lot to get excited about – when you’re thinking about internship abroad.

That’s why agri LIDA has a number of carefully selected representatives throughout the world, who can answer all your questions about internship in Denmark and help you with your application. All of our representatives have in-depth knowledge of the application process have the latest information on internship requirements and life in Denmark.

Working with our representatives

Our representatives can:

  • The independent representatives recruit and screen applicants, provide guidance and support with application processes and prepare young people for their incredible journey ahead.
  • Help you choose the internship which is right for you.
  • Advise you on our entry requirements, applications processes and deadlines
  • The independent representative submit your application to us and track the application’s progress.

Representatives can not make offers of internship on behalf of agri LIDA. Once they have submitted your application, a decision will be made by agri LIDA.

If we do not have a cooperation partner in your country, ask your university if they are interested in cooperating with agri LIDA

  • Some representatives may charge fees on top of the agri LIDA application fee for some services.
  • Make sure you ask your representative about all of their fees and charges before agreeing to use their services.

I want to become representative!

  • If you are interested in representing agri LIDA, please, fill in and submit our short questionnaire below. We will get back to you withing one week upon receipt of your request.
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