Local internship coordinator.

Support in your country 

Agri LIDA works in some countries with approved in-country representatives, who can advise you on matters that specifically relate to your own country. Our carefully selected representatives are trained to provide advice about internships with us and living in Denmark.

  • Note: We do not have representatives in all countries. This does not have to deter you from applying, as you are very welcome to apply directly to agri LIDA.

Our representatives can provide you with:

  • Accurate information about agri LIDA and our program.
  • Answer your questions and advise you about our programs and entry, requirements, applications processes and deadlines.
  • Assist with your application and verifying your supporting documentation.
  • Assistance with your visa application.
  • Assist with travel, accommodation and pre-departure arrangements.
  • Preparing for living in Denmark.
  • Please note that some representatives may charge a fee for these services.
  • Representatives can not make offers of internship on behalf of agri LIDA. Once they have submitted your application, a decision will be made by agri LIDA.

If we do not have a cooperation partner in your country, ask your university if they are interested in cooperating with agri LIDA.

*Please note that we cannot assume any responsibility for information given about agri LIDA by educational consultants who do not hold a valid agreement with us. Applying through an unauthorised consultant may result in your application being held up or possibly not being processed.