Local internship coordinator.

agri LIDA works with independent  recruiting representatives worldwide. Our representatives offer you up-to-date and face-to-face assistancet to prospective students, applying for internship Denmark.

Our independent representatives are an extension of our team, working in their respective countries to create awareness of this amazing opportunity.

The independent representatives recruit and screen applicants, provide guidance and support with application processes and prepare young people for their incredible journey ahead.

Our independent representive have undertaken a selection process and are commited to assist you to put together your application and submit it to us, in a professional and helpful manner and can offer you additional assistance in your native language throughout the application process.

The independent representative can charge a fee to students for services they offer. The costs depend on the services offered by the independent representative and differ from country to country. Should you wish to use an representative then please contact the representative of your choice for clarify precise information on any charges that there may be. 

Representatives can not make offers of internship on behalf of agri LIDA. Once they have submitted your application, a decision will be made by agri LIDA.

If we do not have a cooperation partner in your country, ask your university if they are interested in cooperating with agri LIDA

Please contact us to know if representative in your country