Living Costs in Denmark

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living costs

We often get the question of what average costs to expect for life in Denmark.

The standard of living is high and the economy performs above the European average. Accommodation, food, transport and leisure are therefore relatively expensive in Denmark compared to many other countries. However, salaries are correspondingly high, and many services such as medical treatment and schools are paid for via taxes and the Danish welfare system, so that no user fees are charged.

Estimated cost of living depends on the city, and of course on the individual person. A rough estimate of your overall monthly living costs in Denmark would amount to 450 – 550 EUR monthly. The average price for accomodation (single or shared room) is around 200-250 euros.

For a more detailed impression of living costs in  Denmark we suggest you to check out this page from NUMBEO where people all over the world share costs of living in different countries.