Learn Danish for free

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Most Danes speak English fluently. This makes it easy for you to communicate both privately and on the job. However, learning Danish is highly recommended. When you apply for a job and in your future career, having the Danish language skills is a great advantage. It will help you build relations and shows commitment.

How can I learn Danish?
Danish courses are offered by both public and private language schools. Many of the courses on offer are tailored to suit both individuals and businesses.

International employees and students over the age of 18 who have a valid Danish residence permit and a Danish CPR number, are entitled to receive introductory Danish course paid for by their residing municipality. This comprises of 250 hours of classes, referred to as Work-Oriented Danish, which must be completed within an 18 month period from your initial start date. Therefore, it is important to start as quickly as possible after your arrival here in Denmark.

Should you wish to continue learning Danish after the introductory course, you may be eligible for up to 3 additional years of free lessons, referred to as Danish Education. Your results in a module test, which you will take after completing Work-Oriented Danish, will determine which Danish Education and module is applicable to your level.