Internship Expectations: What an internship is.

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InternAn internship is designed as an exchange. The student agrees to complete work that will benefit the host organization and in return is offered the opportunity to learn new skills, expand his or her knowledge of a particular field and explore career options. Employers offer internships for many reasons. They see student interns as fruitful and economical resources with which they can accomplish projects not otherwise possible. They believe interns bring enthusiasm and new ideas into work settings and make strong employees. Just as importantly, employers feel an increasing commitment to education and want to help train students to assume responsible roles in society.

Finally, remember that your number one priority as a student is to get a good education. Work education programs were designed with this primary purpose in mind. All have the fundamental goal of paving students’ road toward personal growth and a productive career. If you take practical learning opportunities seriously and do your part to help yourself, you will be regarded in many ways, especially at graduation time. It is up to you!

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