Agriculture Internship 2020

Agriculture Internships – Getting Real World Experience

You know it all in theory. But how does it work in practice? Find out for yourself!  Internships take place on farms in Denmark, where you will get to work on challenging real-life sustainable farms, with competent and passionate colleagues supporting you

  • The working conditions in Denmark are generally very good, with companies happy to invest in modern facilities and equipment of the highest quality.  
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Quick Facts:

  • You get monthly salary.
  • You get 12 months employment contract before internship start.
  • You get authentic meaningful work-life experiences.
  • You get skills and personal development.
  • You get accommodation for a reasonable pay.
  • You get support from agri LIDA staff.
  • You get international certification and recommendation.


  • Living abroad will change the way you see this world and will give you a new perspective on your life values.

Freedom & accountability.

  • We promise you lots of responsibility and the opportunity to make your effort count from day one. We are passionate about accelerating your career on the job and through competence development.