Work with your Supervisor

We are your Supervisor.

We offer free, confidential, and impartial support to all students. Please email or call us to book an appointment.

Keep in regular contact

  • Keep in touch with your supervisor, especially in the early stages of your candidature. You should meet in person or by phone, email or other means regularly.

Discuss your working relationship

  • Let your supervisor know how the working relationship is working for you. Don’t make your supervisor second-guess your needs.

Keep supervisor informed of your progress

Supervising during your Internship.

Visitation by your advisor during the internship may or may not occur. It will be
based solely on the advisor’s schedule and travel plans. It is the intention
of agri LIDA`s internship advisor to try and make a site visitation, but there
are no guarantees this will occur. However, you and your advisor should be in
contact throughout the internship via telephone and e-mail during the course of your

Team Supervisors agri LIDA

Kristina Cesnaite Larsen & Ove Eenberg Larsen