How to register?

Thank you for your interest in the agri LIDA Internship.

Please note: You are not eligible for an internship position if you already graduated. Danish authorities do not allow graduated of agriculture college / university to apply for agriculture internships.

  • If you are an international student, you can register your information at our cooperation partner in your home country or register direct to agri LIDA. 
  • The registration process are depending on whether you are from the EU or outside the EU there are different application processes. (Non-EU will need a residence and work permit to work in Denmark).
  • Once you have all the supporting documentation gathered up, follow our instructions as to how to submit it. We ask for you to upload PDF files and attach them in the email.
  • Submit all your documents at once, with your resume and application. If you’re missing something, try to get a copy before submitting your application. Even better, save yourself a step and have copies of everything you might need in connection with job searches on your computer, ready to compile and send.

What are your chances of being successful?

This is a competitive program attracting high calibre passionate candidates.  If you register for the program we will do our best to match you with a host company, however the ultimate decision on who is accepted into a specific internship is the host company. What the agri LIDA program does is help make you more “attractive” to a potential employer in a competitive job market. We want you to be successful and will try to help you any way we can!


  • Please contact us to receive more information about how we can customize a program just for you!

We wish you good luck with your internship application and hope to meet you in Denmark some day soon!



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