How to manage your budget during your internship

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You’re in a foreign country for an internship, and no matter how long you plan to be there, you’re probably managing a specific budget that’s going to have to last until the end of your stay.



If you aren’t so fortunate as to find yourself in a homestay with 2-3 free meals per day, this could be something that adds up quickly in your budget. Especially in an internship atmosphere, you may feel pressured to eat out every day if eating lunch together is part of your host country or host company culture.

Prepare yourself to grocery shop and prepare your own meals the rest of the time if you’re looking to save money. Ask around at your internship and keep an eye out for what the locals do. Eat where they eat and you’ll probably save a fortune!

Learn to Cook

learn to cookIn order to save food money, you can learn how to cook. It’s usually cheaper to buy the products you need and put together a dish rather than to buy ready-to-eat processed food. It’s healthier too! If you’re living with other people, a solution is to share the food expenses and the meals together in order to reduce the costs even more.

When shopping in store, choose the value products and supermarket own brand, and buy in bulk whenever you can, especially for household products such as toilet paper and kitchen towels, as well as pasta, rice and other products that have a long shelf life.

If you follow at least part of these tips, you shouldn’t have to worry too much over money during your internship or study abroad period. And of course, feel free to question your colleagues and other interns if they have ideas and advice to help you enjoy your foreign experience without spending a fortune!

Fun Extras

runrunWhile the main focus of your internship abroad should be gaining professional experience, you are abroad and you should make the most of your new surroundings! However, if money is limited then your best bet is to set aside a certain amount for these fun extra activities