How to make friends with Danes

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danish peopleDanes are very independent people. You can still see a bit of Vikings in us with an attitude of let go get it and fight for it. If you want to make friends with Danes, see if you can try to go with it or just observe. A good icebreaker that Danes use when we meet people we don’t know is talking about the weather.

Danes talk negatively about Denmark and the Royal family but we don’t like it when others do. So if you are looking to make friends with Danes don’t do that, stay curious and ask questions.

This is important so listen up. Danes socialize through eating cake. In most workplaces we eat cake quite often (once a week) and if you want to get closer to us join us and then go for a run when you get home if you worry about calories :-). Don’t hold back on starting a conversation with us.

There is a Danish concept “hygge”. There is no english word for this but the closest is cozy. Hygge is a combination of a feeling, a mood and action. Hygge is something we do when we meet at home or in a café. At home we hygge with friends, family or on our own. We have candlelight, tea, coffee, cake, candy, fruit, wine and then we watch a good program in tv, or a movie, or we talk for hours and hours. We do this every week and sometimes every day.

Denmark is soaked in “hygge” on so many levels and I hope you get to experience this and enjoy it. I dare you to come and drink with the Viking people. If you last longer than us you will have our admiration and if not we will probably laugh at you and you will have our respect for trying. Finally we love if you try to learn a little Danish. It’s very difficult and we love to make fun of you (lovingly).


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