How to financing your internship program fee?

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Financing your international internship.


Interning abroad is a true investment.

There are many ways for a motivated applicant to earn a grant or scholarship towards the cost of a program. To raise funds independently or by “crowd funding”. To earn money by working part time or even to take out a loan.

 We have compiled some resources to assist you in earning or gathering funding for your internship.

Internship Stipend/Salary

Personal Savings

  • If you’ve saved enough of your own money, you can support yourself on the program.


  • A part time job in the evenings, weekends, or summer can help you save a significant amount of money. If you earn (for example) 9 dollars per hour, then working just 10 hours per week could bring you almost $400 each month, or $4680 in a year. This can be an excellent resource for your international internship experience. Furthermore, future employers will be impressed by the independence & initiative you have shown, and by the additional experience you have gained.

Scholarships and Grants Available Online

Talk to your bank about a loan

  • Loans are another way to help pay for your internship abroad. However, keep in mind that loans must be repaid with interest. If this is an option for you, then contact your local bank to discuss your options for student loans and personal loans.

Parent Loans

  • You may already have some financial support from family or friends. Write emails or send postcards home, and share photos when you return to your home country to share your experience with those supportive friends and family. They may be more likely to support you financially if you express that you’ll update them on your adventures. If you do have people in your life willing to support you, you can show your appreciation by writing a thank-you note or bringing them a little something back from your trip.

Host a Fundraising Event

  • Invite friends and family to an event where they can learn about your proposed internship experience abroad and what you hope to gain from the experience. Not only is it a way for you to earn money to support your trip, it also gets your loved ones involved in your travel abroad plans.

Yard/Garage Sale or Online Sale

  • If you own items you no longer use or have never used, you could sell them online (via e-Bay and others), or host a garage sale where the funds would support your program abroad.

Talk to your university about credit

  • Does your school have a scholarship or financial aid office? Talk to your advisor about any scholarships or grants that may be available for you. Many universities have started programs to help fund students who want to pursue internships.

Your Government

  • Your country’s government may have available funds and scholarships for which you can apply. Do some research into opportunities for funding. This could be on a local, regional, or state level.

Private or Community Organizations

  • There may be private organizations in your home country that provide support for internships. Some examples include local businesses, chambers of commerce, foundations, and religious groups. Are you a member of any associations or clubs? Contact them and see if they might have funds available to contribute to your program.
  • If you are a member of a religious congregation or community organization, you could ask permission to make a presentation about your proposed program. Explain what you will be doing and describe your goals. Members may be willing to donate.

We hope you will consider these resources to help offset your costs. While international internships can be costly, the reward is long lasting.


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