How it Works

Find your internship abroad!

The process.

Agri LIDA Internship is an experienced Danish company who recruits and selects international candidates for companies in Denmark. Right from the start of your registration, until the very end of your internship in Denmark, we fully provide high-quality personalised service support.

Work and residence permit Permits for Your Internship in Denmark

  • If you come from outside the EU. Taking an internship in Denmark is a great way to develop your skills and increase your employability. In order to take part in an internship in Denmark, you will need to apply (and be approved) for a work permit and residence permit. 

Register your profile

Apply Early!

  • We recommend to apply 4-5 months before your intended internship start date in order to be successful and to allow enough time for company matching, job interviews and due to the visa processing.

Pre-apply, it´s free

  • It is completely free to pre-apply. You´ll only need to pay the program fee if you´re accepted by the company you’ve decided to apply to. On completing the registration form you’ll be able to tell us your availability.


Review application

  • We evaluate your registration information and if we can see opportunities we contact you by email and we’ll ask you to submit your full registration application.
  • We may need to ask you for more information if any of the details you provide are unclear or appear incomplete, or if you or your referee(s) provide conflicting information. 
  • We’ll  contact you by email to let you know the outcome and your next steps.

Verification of candidate documents

  • When applying for agri LIDA international internship agri LIDA will verify the documentation submitted by applicants during the application process.
  • Agri LIDA reserves the right to verify all information that you have provided in your application. All forgery will be reported to relevant authorities, and admission or enrollment will be immediately revoked.

 Skype Interview.

  • If your application is successful we will invite you in for a Skype interview.
  • This will be 20/30 minute call to talk about your skills and your goals for internship abroad.

Final Decision.

  • We will make a final decision within 3/5 working days and let you know via email.

Approved application.

  • Once we have approved your internship application you will be invited to attend Intern Orientation Skype Webinar.
  • We’ll begin working on your internship placement and we will send your application to company of your interest.

The process: Find your internship

  • When you confirm that you want us to send your application to the company, we will send your application to the company of your interest—obviously only if you´re a 100% sure that you want to continue the process and when you know  the  the details of the offer.
  • It will be the farmer who’ll decide whether to accept you, and only if their decision is positive, you’ll need to pay the fee —Yes! You’ll only pay if you’re accepted!
  • Employment contract will be signed by you and host.
  • Pay SIRI Visa fee. Pay immediately when you receive online link. You will receive a confirmation email with information and instructions for paying the fees.
  • When we can see that SIRI’s fee is paid – we submit documents and send you proof.
  • Pay agri LIDA fee. You have 5 days to pay the fee. You will receive invoice.
  • When we get confirmation that fee is paid we send original contract with translation and reference number, which is necessary for biometry.

We are submitting your application to Danish authorities.

  • Now that your internship has been arranged and fees are payed, we are able to apply for your work & residence permit for you. We apply online obtaining a full-time work permit for international candidates.
  • Visa processing takes about 6 – 8 weeks.

Have your biometric features recorded

  • This means that you must have a facial photo taken and your fingerprints recorded. The facial photo and your fingerprints will be stored on a microchip embedded in the residence card, which will be issued to you when you are granted a permit.

Your residence permit has been granted.

  • Receive your work-and residence permit


  • Before booking your flights contact agriLIDA and arrange your travel plan to Copenhagen Airport..Open trip ticket: We strongly recommend that students travel with open ticket. (Open ticket means that the return date is not fixed).

 Before Your First Internship Day

  • We recommend that you arrive at least 1 day before the beginning of your internship, so that you have time to get settled and rested.
  • Please make arrangements to stay at the affordable  CABINN Metro Hotel at your own expense.  Prices from DKK 499,– incl. private shower/toilet, free Wi-Fi and tea/coffee in all rooms. They offer a fresh breakfast buffet at DKK 90,- per person.
  • CABINN Metro is located just 5 minutes by train from Copenhagen Airport, 10 minutes by metro from central Copenhagen. The hotel offers great comfort and beautiful surroundings in close proximity to just about everything, and without it costing you a fortune. 

Meeting YOU!

  • You are being met by a agriLIDA representative at CABINN Metro HOTEL who will meet and greet you  and help you get settled.

You May Now Begin Working!

  • Act professionally and responsibly during your internship – as an intern you represent your university, your country, agri LIDA and of course, yourself.

Monthly Internship Report

  • Each month, you are required to send a report to agri LIDA that ask you to reflect on your internship experience to the point.