Housing & Facilities

It is the internship host who offers accommodation. Not all accommodation have same price and have various standards, but generally rooms in rural areas are good and relatively cheap and has all you need.

  • The prices for interns housing vary according to the type of room, to the location and to other amenities.The rent has to be paid in advance, at the beginning of each month.
  • Please Note: No deposit, no prepay rent, no utilities such as water, heating and electricity. It is all included in the rent.
  • 1 furnished room in rural location €200 – €334 per month. Location countryside.
  •  Students are responsible for keeping their rooms and bed space clean and tidy.
  •  Interns stay in own room, furnished with a bed, closet and desk.
  •  Interns has acces to kitchen that has a fridge and stove, pots and pans and basic cooking and eating utensils.
  •  Interns has acces to bathroom with shower.
  •  Interns has access to a washer.
  •  Interns buy their own groceries and do their own cooking but sometimes, eaten with the family.
  •  Kitchen, laundry, shower and toilet facilities are mostly shared.
  •  Interns are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and the shared kitchen & toilet. You can decide, as a group, how you want to achieve this goal, but all interns will be responsible for the care and clean appearance of the house.
  •  Pets are not permitted in the intern house.

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