Housing & Facilities


As a participant on an agri LIDA internship program, you are guaranteed housing. All student residences in basic, yet clean, comfortable, secure and adequately furnished farmhouse-style living with single private bedroom and shared kitchens, living and bathroom facilities. Interns have their own private locked room. The flats are self-catered so you will be preparing your own meals and shopping at a nearby grocery store. Mostly you will be placed with other international intern students. It is very common to live in mixed-gender housing in Denmark. Internet access will vary according to your specific program accommodation. Bed linens are provided to students on all programs in Denmark.

  • In Location countryside €200 – €345 per month.
  • 1 fully equipped with everything you need, kitchenware, bedding and leisure facilities. 
  • It is the internship host who offers accommodation. Not all accommodation have same price and have various standards, but generally rooms in rural areas are good and relatively cheap and has all you need. 
  • The rent has to be paid in advance, at the beginning of each month.
  • Access to internet connection.
  • Utilities (heat/electric) are included in the housing rent.
  • Interns has acces to kitchen that has a fridge and stove, pots and pans and basic cooking and eating utensils.
  • Interns has acces to bathroom with shower.
  • Interns has access to a washer.
  • Kitchen, laundry, shower and toilet facilities are mostly shared.
  • Pets are not permitted in the intern house.
  • Interns buy their own groceries and do their own cooking but sometimes, eaten with the family.
  • Blankets, pillows, sheets and towels are typically supplied, but we recommend that you purchase a set of your own sheets (standard flat double size), pillowcases, towels and washcloths upon arrival.

Does the apartment come with housekeeping?

  • No, does not include housekeeping. You are required to keep and maintain your unit in high standards during your stay. Which entails maintaining a daily clean and tidy kitchen, bathroom and living area. Should damages occur during your stay, please contact your host immediately.  

Interns Housing

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