Housing & Facilities

It is the internship host who offers accommodation. Not all accommodation have same price and have various standards, but generally rooms in rural areas are good and relatively cheap and has all you need.

  • 1 furnished room in rural location €200 – €345 per month. Location countryside.
  • The prices for interns housing vary according to the type of room, to the location and to other amenities.The rent has to be paid in advance, at the beginning of each month.
  • Please Note: No deposit, no prepay rent, no utilities such as water, heating and electricity. It is all included in the rent.
  • Interns has acces to kitchen that has a fridge and stove, pots and pans and basic cooking and eating utensils.
  • Interns has acces to bathroom with shower.
  • Interns has access to a washer.
  • Kitchen, laundry, shower and toilet facilities are mostly shared.
  • Pets are not permitted in the intern house.
  • Interns buy their own groceries and do their own cooking but sometimes, eaten with the family.

Does the apartment come with housekeeping?

  • No, your program does not include housekeeping. You are required to keep and maintain your unit in high standards during your stay. Which entails maintaining a daily clean and tidy kitchen, bathroom and living area. Should damages occur during your stay, please contact your host immediately.  

Keeping Your Apartment Clean Away from Home

For many interns internship abroad will be the first time they’ve had to be responsible for themselves. Yes, we’re talking food shopping, cooking and cleaning, which may be particularly hard to navigate this year.

  • Interns apartments, or temporary apartments, can reach scary levels of gross… If you’re currently living in a temporary apartment, follow our tips to learn how to manage home cleaning.
  • While no-one decides to live in a pig-sty, there is always the danger that shared accommodation can become a battleground over who should clean where and what. The outcome of these arguments can lead to very unpleasant living areas – kitchens with piles of dirty dishes, a bathroom with mould growing in the tiles, an unmentionable toilet…
  • To avoid this nightmare scenario, here are a few top tips to keep your intern living quarters sparkly clean.

Pick one day a week to deep clean

  • Vacuuming, dusting, and wiping everything off once a week can make a huge improvement, while also getting rid of pesky dust-mites that can make you sick!
  • A deep clean includes putting clutter where it belongs, and using cleaning product to keep your apartment germ/dust free. Deep cleaning your bathroom is exceptionally important as it is a hub for germs & grime.

Kitchen washing up

  • Do your dishes daily! If you don’t consider the kitchen to be a social place, think again. Based on time spent there, the kitchen is the central hub for socializing in most homes and student apartments. But no one wants to hang out in the company of dirty dishes or half-eaten food remnants.
  • Avoid leaving food and dirty plates all over your counter. Not only is it unsanitary, it can be bothersome to a roommate. A good rule of thumb is to always wash your dishes/put them in the dishwasher by the end of the day.

Love the loo

  • Keeping the smallest room in the house clean should be a priority. At the most basic level, wipe the seat, clear away empty toilet rolls and make sure there is a bottle of cleaning fluid and a brush handy so everyone can play their part. Blitz the toilet regularly with bleach to keep germs at bay.

Keep the bathroom fresh

  • Spray the toilet and sink with scrubbing bubbles. While you let them work their magic, put out guest towels and extra toilet paper. If your guests are expected to stay overnight, they may need to shower. In that case, you should clean the tub, as well. But if not, just close the shower curtain tightly (life hack!) and hope nobody sneaks past it to discover the gang of soap scum.
  • When the scrubbing bubbles have simmered, wipe down the surfaces with paper towels, throw away the waste, and take out the trash; but don’t forget to replace the bag.

Bedroom take the Rubbish Out

  • The biggest problems tend to stem from bedrooms. Bedrooms are a personal area where each intern cleans as he or she pleases, which can mean problems…
  • Most of the time, you’ll be fine closing the door to your bedroom…
  • But when you live in student accommodation with other people, you’ll quickly notice how fast the rubbish bin fills up. It’s a job that seemingly nobody wants to do, and you could go for weeks without taking it out.
  • If you leave rubbish lying around, it doesn’t only make the place look a lot messier (and smell too), but it can invite rodents and insects into your flat and cause a lot more trouble.If this all sounds a little onerous, it is just a question of little and often and is the only way to avoid living in a student slum…

Internship Housing

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