Holiday allowance

When you work in Denmark for a Danish employer, you have the right to holiday allowance. Your employer pays them into your FerieKonto (holiday account).

  • Some salaried employments get paid holiday instead of holiday allowance.

How much holiday allowance?

  • Your employer calculates your holiday pay. Your holiday pay is 12,5 percent of your pay. This complies with 2.08 days of holiday for every month that you are employed. If you have worked for 12 months, you have earned holiday pay for 5 weeks’ holiday.
  • View the amount of holiday allowance that your are earned and which employer your have earned them from. You can also see how much holiday allowance you have received previously.

When you leave Denmark

  • If your leave Denmark and stop working for a Danish employer, you can have all your holiday allowance disbursed without taking a holiday.