Has an intern ever been fired for being incompetent?

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YOU-ARE-FIREDTo answer your question, yes. Not often, but it  happens.

When you finally land the internship you’ve been dreaming of, the last thing you want to do is lose it. It’s so exciting to get started in a real workplace. The possibility of getting fired probably hadn’t even crossed your mind…

Some interns seem to think they can get away with anything. But if the news has taught us anything… it’s that even interns can get fired. In fact, interns gets fired because they cros a line during their internships.

When interns are paid by the company for their internship, the company expects you to work as per the company standards and follow the company’s code of conduct. If you fail to follow this the company may take strict action against you or worst fire you.

For interns, it can be hard to put yourselves out there. Sometimes you much rather hang in the background. What you don’t realize is that’s not a good strategy — for you or for the company.

  • The biggest mistake interns make is not taking initiative. Some interns treat the fact that they’re an intern as permission to sit back and wait for things to happen – like in grade school, when our only job as students was to sit and be taught.
  • Take the work seriously! The worst thing an intern can do is to not treat the internship like the professional opportunity that it is. This includes showing up late, or not at all, missing deadlines or being lazy, and seeming disinterested in being here…

You  really need to consider how your actions and behaviors are going to impact the short and long term. Even at internships, performance and reputation matter and can be a gating factor to your future success.