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When to Apply for an Internship?

Generally, you can apply as early as your freshman year of college for an internship.

Most students will complete an internship during their junior or senior years to increase the chances of the internship leading to a job offer, but, it is becoming more and more common for students to hold internships throughout the entire duration of their college career in order to gain experience.

What type of training your Program has to offer?

  • horticulture
  • agriculture 
  • animals ( dairy, swine, equine, mink, horses) 

Am I guaranteed a place in the internship when I apply?

Unfortunately no, internship positions are offered based on individual company requirements, availability, and your suitability for the positions available. But if you are flexible and realistic in your expectations, we can help to give you the best chance of receiving internship offers. We will do our best to match you with a host company, however the ultimate decision on who is accepted into a specific internship is the host company. If agri LIDA team encounters any trouble with a particular placement request, we may speak to you further and ask you to refine your goals and/or expectations. We will attempt to find your first choice, but there is a possibility that we may need to look elsewhere. This often happens when students do not have the skills or experience necessary for their first choice placement. Please only make plans to come to an internship once you have been accepted into the program.

When can I start my internship?

We accept applications year around.

How much will I earn?

  • First 0 – 6 month from DKK 11.347 (1.519,44 euro) gross per month.
  • Next 6 – 12 month from DKK 13.136  (1.759,00 euro) gross per month.

Salary rates are determined by Danish collective aggreement for interns.

Pay Schedule.

Monthly. Every month on a specific date of the month (12 payrolls per year). Example: on the 26th.

Will I have to pay any taxes?

Yes, when you come to Denmark to work and earning money you must pay tax. Precisely how much depends on variables such as: How much tax you paid, what was your income, what is your nationality, how much time you remained in Denmark and more.

What about tax deduction?

Yearly, you will have a pesonal tax deduction.

Where will I live and how much will this cost?

When you arrive a furnished room or an apartment wil be waiting for you. Before you agree your particular placement you will receive all needed information concerning your pay, accommodation, responsibilities etc.

How long can I participate in The agri LIDA Program?

12 months.

What language is required?

You need to provide a proff of English language skill with an IELTS or KET test at minimum scoore A2.

If my internship is not successful, can I complete an internship at an drifferent employer?

No. The visa which is issued to you, applies only to the company and internship specified on your Work & Recidense Permit. You can not undertake another internship at a different employer under any circumstances. If there is a problem at your internship you should contact agri LIDA for assistance.

What Is an International Cooperator?

Agri LIDA works with international cooperating agencies, independent agencies based in countries outside Denmark, that work with agriLIDA to assist participants. If agriLIDA works with an international cooperator in your home country, they will pre-screen you and assist you with completing and submitting your application to us. Although you are not required to apply through a cooperator, they can offer you additional assistance in your native language throughout the application process.