Internship salaries

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  • When you are employed as agriculture intern in Denmark, the working hours and salary are fixed  by The Danish Collective Agreement.
  • 3F trade union,– organisation representing employees.
  • GLS-A,- employers’ organisation representing employers.
  • Rural Youth Denmark,- representing young agriculture students/farmers

Gross salary 

  • In the payroll world, everything begins with gross salary.
  • First 0 – 6 month from DKK 11.698,- gross per month.
  • Next 6 – 12 month from DKK 13.569,- gross per month. 
  • Salary for students who have reached the age of 25. DKK 15.369,-
  • Plus 12,5% vacation pay.
  • Wages shall be paid on a monthly basis, on the last day of month.
  • Working week is 37 hours, distributed over 5 days.

Money to support yourself

Please note! You will need to have enough money to support yourself,- approximately €500 or a credit card  for at least 1 month of your stay in Denmark, because it can take up to 30 days before you get your first salary.

 Nett salary 

It is difficult to calculate what exactly you will be paid in net salary, because there are many factors that come into play when calculating your salary. Nett salary averages  approximately DKK 8,600,- after tax and various tax deductions. It is possible to live on the salary from the internship with normal budgeting. 

Income Tax

  • All employees have to register at the Income Tax Department prior to commencing work and employers have to, by law, deduct a percentage of their employees’  wages as requested under the Income Tax Instalment System.
  • Taxes in Denmark are calculated for each individual. Therefore it’s probably not the same tax that you pay, as your coworkers pay. 
  • Tax deduction and the tax %  will depend on how much you gross earn are.

Basic deduction (personfradrag)

In Denmark you have a basic deduction (personfradrag), which is deducted from your income before state and municipal tax is deducted. For the 2022 income year the deduction is DKK 46.600

Guest student deduction (Gæstestuderendefradrag)

  • Students from certain countries can get an extra tax deduction for foreign students. If you are a student  from one of the following countries, you may be entitled to a deduction for foreign students:
  • Brazil – Faroe Islands – Greenland – India-Iceland – Indonesia – Jamaica -Kenya – Korea – Malaysia – Morocco – Montenegro – Pakistan – Philippines -Portugal – Romania – Thailand – Trinidad & Tobago – Tunisia – Turkey -Ukraine – Venezuela – Vietnam – Zambia.
  • The deduction amounts to a maximum of DKK 46.600 kr. i 2022  corresponding to the personal allowance. The deduction can only be used for reducing taxes on your salary and not for reducing taxes on any state education grants.

Registration of working hours

  • It is important to count your working hours. A work calendar can be of great use to make sure that the number of hours corresponds to your payslip. 
  • You can find timesheet APP at Google Pay 
  • Submit working hours to your employer no later than the twentieth of the month at 12:00.
  • The company, where the work is done, must approve the hours..

Limited overtime

  • The usual working hours are 37 hours per week.
  • Interns may only have limited overtime. Interns must not have systematic overtime. In reality, only overtime at peak times! It will be in violation of the work and residence permit and the violation can trigger large fines for the employer and for the interns cancellation of the work permit and repatriation. For interns overtime is only permitted in isolated situations during peak loads, for example in connection with harvesting, etc.

Where can I find my payslip? 

Your payslip is digital. You receive your payslips online in e-boks, which is your online digital mailbox. From e-Box you have the opportunity to print the payslip on paper or store it on a local drive. It’s free to use e-Boks.

Your Danish tax affairs

Agri LIDA do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Please visit SKAT website for information and advise.