Internship salaries

Gross salary 

  • In the payroll world, everything begins with gross salary.
  • First 0 – 6 month from DKK 11.347 (1.519 euro) gross per month.
  • Next 6 – 12 month from DKK 13.136  (1.759 euro)gross per month. 
  • Salary for students who have reached the age of 25. DKK 15.369,71 (2.066,71 euro)
  • Plus 12,5% vacation pay.
  • Wages shall be paid on a monthly basis, on the last day of month.
  • Working week is 37 hours, distributed over 5 days.

 Nett salary – tax and bank

  • It is difficult to calculate what exactly you will be paid in net salary, because there are many factors that come into play when calculating your salary. Nett salary averages  approximately 7,485 DKK ( 1.050 euro) after tax and various tax deductions. It is possible to live on the salary from the internship with normal budgeting. 
  • Taxes in Denmark are calculated for each individual. Therefore it’s probably not the same tax that you pay, as your coworkers pay. 
  • Tax deduction and the tax %  will depend on how much you gross earn are.
  • To receive your salary you will need a bank account. 

Registration of working hours

  • It is important to count your working hours. A work calendar can be of great use to make sure that the number of hours corresponds to your payslip. 
  • You can find timesheet APP at Google Pay 
  • Submit working hours to your employer no later than the twentieth of the month at 12:00.
  • The company, where the work is done, must approve the hours.

Do I pay Danish taxes?

  • Yes, if you have a paid job, you have to pay taxes. Simple as that. It is a crime to not pay your taxes, both for you and for the work place. There are a number of tax deductions that determine how much you eventually pay in taxes. You must apply for a tax card from your local tax office. A tax card is the official document that tells you how much tax you have to pay.
  • Income Tax Calculator, Denmark

Make sure to note

  • The date. 
  • Your name.
  • Your working place.
  • The time you start working.
  • The time you finish work.
  • Length of your breaks.
  • Your work activities.
  • Count the hours and write the total number of hours. 
  • Remember to keep your work calendar in order to compare it with your payslip.

Limited overtime

  • The usual working hours are 37 hours per week.
  • Interns may only have limited overtime. Interns must not have systematic overtime. In reality, only overtime at peak times! It will be in violation of the work and residence permit and the violation can trigger large fines for the employer and for the interns cancellation of the work permit and repatriation. For interns overtime is only permitted in isolated situations during peak loads, for example in connection with harvesting, etc.

Where can I find my payslip? 

  • Your payslip is digital. You receive your payslips online in e-boks, which is your online digital mailbox. From e-Box you have the opportunity to print the payslip on paper or store it on a local drive. It’s free to use e-Boks.

Requirements and Documents to Open a Bank Account in Denmark

  • Denmark has adopted an open policy for how banks handle account activations, which means that each bank requires specific documentation. We suggest that you check in with each bank via the internet or even by paying a visit to the branch and investigate this further to avoid any surprises.
  • The process for opening a bank account in Denmark is straightforward. You will be required to have a set of documents with you:
  • Your yellow health insurance card with CPR Number  (this is the ten digit unique identity number that all residents in Denmark are given)
  • Photo ID such as a passport. 
  • Documentation of your address in Denmark.
  • Your employment contract.
  • Some banks require, you must have an account in your home country.  Bank name + address + account no., IBAN no. + Swift no. of account in your home country.
  • A copy of official documentation at your home address, such as a health card, tax card or passport.
  • Banks will have a minimum opening deposit amount which you need to pay in to set up the account.
  • It is possible that a bank will have additional requirements such a proof of income but it should be possible to open a basic bank account as long as you have a CPR number which is issued to EU citizens and when you receive your residence permit.
  • Most bank staff will speak English and sometimes it is possible to start the process via the internet and depending on the situation activate the account from the net as well. Be aware that not all account types are possible to be activated with this method.

Get a NemID

  • Once a bank account has been opened, interns need to apply for a NemID. 
  • Anyone living in Denmark with a valid CPR number and ID can apply for a NemID. NemID is a system used for making digital signatures and secure logins.
  • Interns can obtain NemID at their nearest citizen service centre (‘borgerservice’).

The Danish Collective Agreement.

When you are employed as agriculture intern, the working hours and salary are fixed  by The Danish Collective Agreement.

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