Earn & Learn 2018-2019

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Earn you first money with an internship!

The internships salary is covered by danish collective agreement.

Gross Salary:

First 0 – 6 month DKK 11.444,15 gross per month.

Next 6 – 12 month DKK 13.274,61 gross per month.

Registration and calculation of working hours

  • It is always your responsibility to complete a timesheet and to report to your employer your working hours before the deadline, so you can get paid your salary in time. Usually latest by the 20th of the end of month.
  • When you are employed as a intern, the working time is 37 hours a week. It may vary if it is evening, night and weekend work.

Payment of wages

  • In order to receive your salary you must complete a timesheet at the workplace
    and get it signed by the contact person. It is your documentation, that you have been at work and that you must have a salary. It is always your own responsibility that you have documentation of your work hours.

Please note:

  • In the payroll world, everything begins with gross salary. Your gross salary is the full amount you earn, before all of the deductions that result in your take home pay. The exact amount net cash depends on specific tax agreements between Denmark and your home country and could change from one year to another. Each month you get about approx. DKK 7,400 in net cash payment after tax and various types of deductions from your pay has been deducted.

Personal tax deduction 

  • All taxpayers have a personal tax deduction. This means you do not have to pay taxes on all the money you earn. The personal deduction is adjusted once a year following some very special rules. In 2018 personal tax deduction DKK 45.000 yearly.

Collective Agreement 2018-2019

The internships salary is covered by danish collective agreement. 

The parties to a collective agreement are:

  • 3F trade union organisation representing employees.
  • GLS-A employers’ organisation representing employers.
  • Rural Youth Denmark representing young agriculture students/farmers.

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