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Gross Salary:

In the payroll world, everything begins with gross salary.

  • First 0 – 6 month from DKK 11.347 (1.519,44 euro) gross per month.
  • Next 6 – 12 month from DKK 13.136  (1.759,00 euro)gross per month. 
  • Working week is 37 hours, distributed over 5 days.
  • Nett salary averages to approximately 7,485 DKK ( 1.050 euro) after tax and various tax deductions. It is possible to live on the salary from the internship with normal budgeting. 
  • Please bear in mind that you will be receiving your first salary at the end of your first  month, so you will need to bring some cash to cover your expenses for these weeks.

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Where can I find my payslip? 

  • Your payslip is digital. You receive your payslips online in e-boks, which is your online digital mailbox. From e-Box you have the opportunity to print the payslip on paper or store it on a local drive. It’s free to use e-Boks.

The Danish Collective Agreement.

When you are employed as agriculture intern, the working hours and salary are fixed  by The Danish Collective Agreement.

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