Costs & Fees

Program Cost 2020

  • * Internship Personalized Package: The amount vary by program and if you  come from a non EU/EEA country and services requested.  Please submit your pre-application free to receive an individualised quote.
  • Visa processing. 392€, – Paid directly to Danish Authorities, SIRI.
  • Biometric features. From €150€ – 195€. Danish Embassy/Visa Service Center.   (Recorded fingerprints and facial images) ) Paid directly to Embassy/ Visa Service Center. 
  • Local Country Partner. Upon request. If you are applying through one of our international cooperators, please contact them for program fee details as they may vary depending on services offered. 

Important: You only need to pay the fees if you´are accepted by the company you’ve decided to apply to.

* Internship Personalized Packages Includes

  • Professional internship. The farm you will be placed on is internship approved farm and inspected by Jordbrugets Uddannelser and complies with Agriculture Code of Practice outlined by the Health and Safety Authority of Denmark.
  • Internship contract defining the internship program terms and conditions.
  • Monthly wage.
  • On-Site Support. 
  • Visa application assistance. We handle the entire visa process.
  • Accommodation. See the costs. The employer provide  accommodation. 
  • Medical insurance. When you work legally in Denmark, you are covered by the Danish health insurance system.
  • Résumé review and revision.
  • Airport Pickup. 
  • Registration with Danish SKAT Authorities (TAX) and receive SKAT Card (TAX ) 
  • Webinars.
  • Welcome information package. A practical handbook guide about life in Denmark and orientation into culture and living in Denmark.
  • Network of international contacts. Facebook groups with program interns. Getting you in contact with other interns in Denmark and information about events and intern meetings.
  • Certificate upon successful completion of the internship.

Internship Packages DOES NOT include

  • Flight. 
  • Bus and train transportation.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Travel insurance. Travel insurance is compulsory for all interns on an agri LIDA program. We’re dedicated to keeping all program participants safe, healthy and happy – so this is a really important requirement.

 Payment options:

  1. Direct international bank transfer: Jyske Bank A/S.
    Branch: Jyske Bank A/S, Vestergade 8-16, 8600 Silkeborg
    Account Name: agri LIDA
    IBAN: BK9306970000827797
    Account Number: 0697 – 0000827797
  2. PayPal. Pay online at our website. (Transfer fee €43. The amount will appear on the invoice from agri LIDA)
  3. TransferMate. It is pretty simple and efficient! The pricing is very simple and transparent. TransferMate offers you a better exchange rate than the one offered by most banks.

 When is payment due?

  • When you accept a placement this is when you make a financial commitment.
  • Payment is due 5 dayes from the date your invoice was issued. In order to facilitate administrative procedures, and only if you´re accepted, you´ll have to pay the fees easily after receiving the good news.
  • When we get the payment we’ll be able to start gathering the documents and signatures on them. Invoices will be issued via email to you directly, or to any institution paying for its students. We don’t accept cash. All fees must be paid to before arrival.

International Bank/Wire Transfers costs.

Intermediary Banks or Wire Transfers deduct their charges directly from the amount being transferred. As a rule of thumb the fees of international transfers are around €25 – 43.

Get an estimate of your expenses

Global internships do cost money, so before you go, sit down with a budget worksheet and outline your anticipated costs.

Please make sure you do your research into costs carefully and make finances and budgets part of the process at an early stage.

The actual total cost will vary for each participant depending on spending habits and travel plans.  Understanding what’s included in your internship program fees is essential for you.

The program fees basically represent what we are doing on your behalf. 

However, program fees vary by support and by program so don’t expect fixed costs. Bigger cost = more support, while lower cost = less support.

Terms & Conditions

The following terms of use apply to all participants who make use of the services provided by agri LIDA. Therefore please read our Terms and Conditions with care before accepting and signing the contract.

Contact agri LIDA to receive an individualised price.

  • All prices are listed in EURO.  Here is a Currency Converter just in case you need it.

Prices are subject to change due to currency fluctuation or unforeseen economic circumstances.