Costs during an internship in Denmark

Denmark is not an inexpensive country to live in. However, the costs of accommodation, food, transport and leisure are comparable to other Western European nations. Danish salaries are also correspondingly high, and many services such as medical treatment and schools are paid for via taxes and the Danish welfare system, so that no user fees are charged.

Sample prices

  • Housing will cost 200 – 307 euro a month for a room.
  • Food and daily expenses  200 -350 euro a month
  • Mobile phone 150 DKK (internet, around 250 DKK, may be included in your rent)
  • You will also need  100 euro a month for fun trips or for going out.

In total you will spend about 650-900 euro a month to support yourself in Denmark.

Below are some examples of typical prices.

  • Bicycle: 3 000-6 000 DKK
  • Second-hand bicycle: 500-1 500 DKK
  • Cinema ticket: 85 DKK
  • Eating out: 200-500 DKK
  • Coffee at a café: 30-45 DKK
  • Beer or soft drink at a café: 30-50 DKK
  • Fast food meal: 60-80 DKK
  • Litre of milk at the supermarket: 5-11 DKK
  • 500g of pasta at the supermarket: 6-10 DKK

1 Euro = approx. DKK 7.45

Take a look at list of prices for more eksamples..

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