Costs during an internship in Denmark

Upon arriving in Denmark, you may be surprised to find that prices are higher than your home country, but there are a number of reasons for this: firstly the salaries in Denmark are among the highest in the world and secondly welfare services such as healthcare, schooling and daycare are provided or subsidised by the Danish state. This means that Danes have a high living standard compared to many other countries. 

Sample prices

When planning to intern in Denmark budgeting right early on is important. It is possible to live on the salary from the internship with normal budgeting. 

  • Housing will cost 200 – 307 euro a month for a room.
  • Food and daily expenses  200 -350 euro a month
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  • You will also need  100 euro a month for fun trips or for going out.

In total you will spend about 650-900 euro a month to support yourself in Denmark.

Below are some examples of typical prices.

  • Bicycle: 3 000-6 000 DKK
  • Second-hand bicycle: 500-1500 DKK
  • Cinema ticket: 85 DKK
  • Eating out: 200-500 DKK
  • Coffee at a café: 30-45 DKK
  • Beer or soft drink at a café: 30-50 DKK
  • Fast food meal: 60-80 DKK
  • Litre of milk at the supermarket: 5-11 DKK
  • 500g of pasta at the supermarket: 6-10 DKK

Living expenses will vary on an individual basis depending on your personal lifestyle choices. If you are sensible and follow local habits, life in Denmark shouldn’t blow your budget

1 Euro = approx. DKK 7.45

Take a look at list of prices for more eksamples..