Common misunderstandings if you want to make friend with Danes

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friend with DanesThis is very important if you want to make friends with Danes! Get your facts about Denmark straight… Do not ask us if Denmark is the capital in Scandinavia – or worse – in Norway!… We are a country with a rich historical background probably older than most countries.

Grocery stores are not a place for social contacts. You get in, you get out. Do not chat with us while grocery shopping. At the checkout get you food (quickly) and get out. This is especially important on Friday afternoon at the end of a long week. Taking the bus… oh yes the bus. Again… this is not the place for social contact. Same social rules as for grocery shopping.

Except if you have a baby and meet another person with a baby. Baby people talk, but most of us like to sit in peace. If you get in to a bus that is only half full. If there are available rows don’t sit next to me. Go sit by yourself.

As stated in the beginning of this post Denmark has a big culture that is pressed into a small country due to historical aspects. If you want to make friends with Danes do not talk to us as if we are small and not important. Don’t measure the Danes and Denmark from the size of our country. Danes are straightforward and we use a lot of irony.

In the process of making friends with Danes I think Danes can easily be misunderstood. Don’t take it to heart. We don’t want to hurt you. We treat our self and each other the same way and do have a tendency to laugh at each other, not to be confused with bullying.

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