Challenging Internship Abroad

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It’s tough to be an intern.


Your teachers were right: you never stop having to do stuff you don’t love

Throughout our working lives we perform a balancing act between ambition and patience, and let’s face it, when you’re at the bottom of the ladder, all you want to do is move up.


Here’s the thing,  getting to do what you want in this world is rare and beautiful. When you’re handed a task that doesn’t stoke your particular fire, you need to throw yourself at it twice as hard to get the most out of it. Your tenacity will probably open other doors you can’t yet imagine. If you just suffer through the parts of a job you don’t like, they’re always going to suck – but if you put everything into them, they become as rewarding as the tasks you live for.

Whenever you face a challenge during your internship, remember that it’s also an opportunity. These experiences can inform the questions you’re asked in your next job interview — and the ones you ask prospective employers.

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