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We welcome students applications from around the world who has persistence, passion and ambition.

If you are a student at a university outside the EU/EEC countries, you can be granted a 12 months residence and work permit to work as an intern within various fields, but it always has to supplement an educational programme which you have begun in your country of origin or another country of which you are a legal resident.

Please be aware that you are not allowed to enter Denmark as a tourist and start your internship. You must have received the residence and work permit prior to your entry into Denmark.

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Note to applicants: You are not eligible for an internship position if you already graduated. Danish authorities do not allow graduated of agriculture college / university to apply for agriculture internships…😥

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Who can apply?

Internships are open for students who:

  • Are currently full-time active student enrolled in a degree-seeking programme related to the placement and you have completed at least one year in one of the following:
    • Agriculture animal husbandry & production (cow and swine production animal breeding management)  – 
    • agronomy – soil science – plant breeding and genetics –
    • veterinary –
    • equine –
    • horticulture –
    • forestry.
  • You have a basic practical hands-on experience in the area you are seeking internship.
  • You are single, between 18 and 28 years old, mature, motivated, responsible and willing to learn.
  • You can commit to 12 months far away from home.
  • You have driver’s license and international driving permit.
  • You have passed a official English language qualifications by means of one of these tests:
    • IELTs English test with a minimum score of 5 points. We recommend IELTS General Training test. 
    • Cambridge English Key for Schools, minimum level A2 Scala score 120-139. The test result must be no more than two years old at the time of application.

Are you interested?

You can submit your application anytime, at via our online application platform.

Am I guaranteed an internship placement?

Please keep in mind that even if you meet the qualifications described above, there is no guarantee of an internship.

Our mission is to find all students a matching position but we are always depending on other parties and finally, it is the farmer’s decision whether to hire you or not.

What the agri LIDA program does is help make you more “attractive” to a potential employer in a competitive job market. 

We want you to be successful and will try to help you any way we can!


If you have any questions, contact us.

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