Bank and finance

There are 15-20 national and regional banks in Denmark. In addition, there are about 170 smaller local banks. All banks offer personal advice in the normal opening hours. Most banks are open from 9:30 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday and until 6 pm on Thursdays.

Everybody who works in Denmark must have a bank account as your salary will be paid directly into your account. In order to open a bank account you must have a Danish CPR number. To open a bank account you must bring:

  • Your Tax ID Number.
  • Your passport/national ID card
  • Your work contract (workers) or letter of acceptance from you educational institution (students)
  • Your yellow health card or the letter from Borgerservice you receive, when you register for the CPR number at International Citizen Service indicating your CPR number and your Danish address.

Please note: workers with a Tax CPR number (cross border workers and workers,who work in Denmark for less than 3 months) must bring:

  • Your passport/national ID card
  • Your work contract
  • Proof of your address in your home country (rental contract, transcript from the municipality or similar)
  • Your Danish tax card

Designated bank account/Easy Account (Danish: Nemkonto)

Since 2005, Denmark has had a special regulation that requires all those who live or work in Denmark to report a designated bank account known as a NemKonto to the state. This is generally a current account,into which payments from the state are made (e.g. tax refunds). This is supposed to make state payment transactions faster and easier and thus more cost effective. Any bank can report the wages account that you have with them as your NemKonto.