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agri LIDA welcomes applications from English speaking students, who have not yet graduated.

Applying is free.  

It’s free to apply and there’s no commitment at this stage. Pay only fees once you accept an internship offer and start the visa process.

Two Step Application Process

The application process is divided into 2 steps. A-Step Application Process splits a application into two parts to make it easier for applicants to apply rather than asking for a long list of information right away. The Suitability Review is a step in the application process to determine whether you meet the basic requirements for a the internship program.

If you meet the minimum requirements, you will then be considered for further evaluation or assessment, such as interviews, or portfolio reviews. If you don’t meet the minimum requirements, you may be rejected from the program or encouraged to improve your qualifications before reapplying.

Step 1: The Suitability Review

The Suitability Review is to determine whether you meet the minimal requirements for the program during this initial stage.

    • Updated English CV /Resume. Please include what’s your level of education and expected graduation dates – year and month.
    • Confirmation of Enrollment from the university (the latest version – English version).

Step 2: The Actual Application

If the applicant meets the minimum requirements based on the information provided in the first step, they will be invited to complete the second step of the application.

    • agri LIDA application form.
    • Transcript of Records with a list of all subjects studied with grades. Transcript should be in English. Please include what’s your level of education and expected graduation dates – year and month.
    • Proof of English Proficiency. Copy of official certificate of English language tests. (IELTS English test)
    • 1 clear photo of yourself holding your student ID next to your face.
    • Copy of passport (all pages including cover)
    • Updated English Cover letter addressed to the employer.
    • Copy of driving license
    • A list of previous practical training relevant for the internship (Job description, time period and employer name with contact details.
    • Introduce yourself in English on a YouTube Video. Max 1-3 minutes.

Before you apply, please… 

Get ready to apply

Start planning your journey about one year before you want to intern abroad. 

When to apply

Since the application and visa process can take some time, it is important to apply well ahead of time for your internship. 

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to apply for internships early, as much as six – eight months before the starting date of your internship (when a visa is required), to be on the safe side in case of any unexpected delay.

Provide us with accurate information

You must provide accurate and complete information when you apply. Any false or misleading information in your internship application will lead to rejection of your application. 

Good to know

  • Internship opportunities are offered throughout the year.
  • You can only apply once, and you can’t change information once it’s submitted. Make sure you’re information is correct and updated before you submit it. You won’t have the chance to alter it at a future date.
  • Please note that eligibility to apply does not guarantee internship in the programme. Although agri LIDA has a number of firms interested in interns there is no guarantee that we can find every student an internship. 
  • In some cases, we do not process applicant’s internship applications, because  agri LIDA has none representatives in the applicant’s home country, who can help and guide you with the application process and help ensure that you have all the in-country support required and to help you make a successful application.

Questions to ask yourself before YOU apply.

Traveling the world is a dream for many people, but it should not be taken lightly. Before embarking on such an adventure, you must ask yourself some personal questions to determine whether you are ready for the journey. Here are some questions to consider: 

  • Are you comfortable with uncertainty? Traveling the world means stepping out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. Can you handle unexpected situations gracefully and flexibly, especially when that means living with people with different beliefs and values?
  • Can you deal with being away from home for extended periods? Traveling the world means leaving behind the familiar and venturing into new territories. Do you have the maturity, and can you handle being away from family and friends for extended periods?
  • Are you open to new experiences? Traveling the world means experiencing new cultures, foods, and ways of life. Are you open to trying new things, stepping out of your comfort zone, and sharing your culture?
  • Are you physically and mentally prepared? Traveling the world can be physically and mentally demanding. Are you in good physical and mental health to handle the rigors of travel?

 If yes, apply today and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

Before You Apply

Do your homework! Review the program areas, eligibility, qualifications, and finances page. It’s like studying for an exam, but instead of grades, you get a job. And remember to apply early, because procrastination is not your friend in the world of internships.

How to apply

If you would like to learn more about the programme or would like to begin
the application process please reach out to use at:

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It’s your future, invest in it.