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Thank you for your interest in the agri LIDA Internship.

hire me⚠️ Non-EU citizens can not apply if you are graduated. Danish authorities do not allow  graduated Non-EU citizens of agriculture college / university to apply for agriculture internship.

 If you have questions along the way, we’re here to help.


The registering is free. However, you´ll have the obligation to pay the fees, if you´re accepted as an intern by a company and when you accept offered internship.

Applying is easy—just follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Register your contact information and we’ll connect you with more info based on what you are looking for and that we can understand your needs better, kindly fill out the form.
  2. Submit by email us your application package by sending your fully complete application package.

Complete Internship Application Package.

All documents must be must be up to date.

  1. Application form
  2. CV, must be up to date
  3. Proof of enrollment documentation in an educational institution, submitted along with a list of subject you have completed. All educational documents must be officially certified by the institution and must clearly show your name and the name and address of the issuing school. must be up to date. 
  4. Autobiografi / motivations letter stating the reasons for applying – in English explaining why you believe this Internship fits you, specifying your main skills and interests, including the area in which you would like to work and how you think the Internship would help you develop a career in your area of interest, must be up to date, must be up to date.
  5. Video CV – YouTube. Keep your video resume short and sweet. We advise that a one – two-minute mark is ideal.
  6. Two letter of reference in English. The letters include information about applicants` work habits, communication and social skills, also there should be indicated name, address and telefon who is giving this recommendation.
  7. 1 photo 3,5 x4,5 cm.
  8. Copy of passport, all pages and cover.
  9. Copy of driver´s licence.
  10. Medical certificate, must be up to date.
  11. Criminal record, must be up to date.
  12. You must document that you have passed a language test in English at A2 level or higher, B1 speaking and listening. Currently 3 different language test for English are acepted: IELTSTOEFL or KET

Guidelines for preparing documents.

⚠️ We are unable to process incomplete applications.

⚠️ Scanned original documents must be clear and legible.

Accepted File Types

  • You can attach up to 10 files at a total of up to 10 MB.
    All files must be in PDF-format. PDF files can be opened and read with any free PDF reader. If you do not have PDF reader program, you must have to print it, fill it out by hand, then scan it back into your computer and email it.


  • Wrongful or misleading information may lead to dismissal and loss of right to internship. Submission of fraudulent documents is illegal, and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


  • Please note that we maintain the right to contact institutions, firms, associations and government agencies for the purpose of explanation and/or verification of uploaded documents.

Scanned documents

To maximize the chance that the authorities will accept your documents, make sure that each digital image and scanned document meets the following guidelines:

Scanned documents must be clear and legible. The text must appear “right -side up”. Bad quality copies of photos and unreadable documents will not be considered.

  • Documents must be colour scans of the original
  • Academic transcripts must be must be colour scans of the official transcript (digital e-records are not accepted)
  • Scans from a photocopy or a faxed copy are not accepted
  • Documents must be scanned at the original size
  • Applicants must ensure no part or pages of the document are missing
  • Where a document has stamps, seals or text on both sides of the page then both sides must be scanned
  • Scanned documents must be in one of the following format: PDF.
  • The document should appear flat, without any visible folds or creases.
  • All four edges of the documents must be correct—make sure that no signatures, digits, or seals are cut off!
  • Any words and numbers on the document should be clear and readable.
  • Photos should be sharp (not blurry), and without any glare.

Quality Control

Scanned document images must be inspected visually to ensure they are complete (the entire document has been captured), clear and easily read.

It is Highly Recommended that:

  • Each scanned record is visually inspected to ensure that the image is complete, clear and usable. If necessary scanned records should be compared to the original paper document to ensure accuracy.
  • The number of original paper documents must be compared to the number of scanned records to ensure that every document was scanned.

Digital Options

🏆 🏆 🏆Best option: Scanner

  • For best results, use a scanner to create a digital version of each of your required documents. Most scanners allow you to adjust the resolution of the image, measured in “dots per inch” (dpi).

🏆 Next best option: Mobile app. (We do not recommend.)

  • Smartphones can be almost as good as scanners for creating digital documents—as long as you’re using the right app. Most iPhones have the Notes app pre-installed, and for Android devices, it’s easy to install the Google Drive app.

Unreadable documents will be required to be re-submitted which may result in a delay in the application being assessed.

Checklist of what you should ask yourself after the scanning has been completed and
before you upload:

  1. Have all the documents you intend uploading (whether mandatory or optional) now been scanned to a PDF format? Does each scanned file haveaformat/extensionof“.pdf”?
  2. Has each type (or category) of document been scanned to a separate PDF file?
  3. Is any of your source (paper) documents a multi-page document? If so, has this multi-page document been scanned to a single PDF file, but with all the pages visible in that one PDF file? (applicable to all multi-page documents)
  4. Do you know on what media and directory the scanned images now reside? Is this in your possession?
  5. Are the filenames (e.g. Passport_John_Smith_T0012345.pdf) assigned to these PDF files indicative of the respective content of each file?
  6. Have you opened and inspected each of the PDF files created during the scanning process to ensure that the content of these files is both legible and complete?

✔️ If you can answer “yes” to questions 1 – 6 above, then you should be able to successfully complete the process of uploading your scanned PDF documents!

We will be glad to help you!
Looking forward to your application documents.