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agri LIDA is recognized for connecting agriculture students with internship opportunities, fostering a bridge between academic studies and practical fieldwork.

With over two decades of experience, agri LIDA has facilitated over 1,300 student placements, emphasizing a personalized approach to ensure a supportive and enriching environment for interns.

We Welcome Agriculture Universities and Colleges Worldwide.

We partner with colleges and universities worldwide to provide internship opportunities that match the needs of their students.

Let’s build your program together!

We would like to partner with you to help your students gain quality internships  by giving them immediate access to our network of quality host companies and employers. We have placed more than 1,300 interns since 1999.

What can we provide for your university or school?

The agri LIDA internships program are designed to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application, providing hands-on experience in the field of agriculture. By collaborating with us, institutions can enhance their curriculum and offer their students a unique chance to apply their learning in real-world settings, fostering both personal and professional growth..

In a rapidly evolving job market, internships are more important than ever. They not only give students a competitive edge but also help in shaping the workforce of the future. It’s a win-win situation for students, educational institutions, and the partnering organizations alike. The ultimate goal is to foster a well-prepared, adaptable, and skilled talent pool ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow’s world.

Personalized approach:
We assist students in translating their educational background and personal skills into an ideal internship placement at a Danish farm company. We assess each individual applicant to determine his or her unique abilities, knowledge, and experiences and match them with businesses who need these skills creating mutual benefit.

Build and run your program:
The most efficient way to work together is by creating and running an internship together as partners. You tell us your needs, and we design a program around these needs keeping all the rules and regulations in mind

If interested, what next…?

Interested institutions are encouraged to join this collaborative effort, contributing to a global movement that not only educates but also empowers the leaders of tomorrow.

Together, we can sow the seeds for a brighter, more sustainable world. Let’s partner for progress. Let’s make a difference

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