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 Agriculture Internships – Getting Real World Experience

Newcomer serviceIt gives us great pleasure to welcome you to agri LIDA’s website, which is updated several times a week. In the menu at the top, you will find lots of information about internships – if you are a student, teacher, parent of staff of our business partners.

Connecting Students to the World.

agri LIDA internship is an excellent opportunity for you to gain valuable internatioanal working experience and apply knowledge from your studies. You will learn what it is like to work and gain a sense of self confidence and professionalism. An internship abroad will strengthen your CV and provides you with valuable competences in your job search upon graduation.

Please note:

  • agri LIDA does not accept direct applications, only exceptionally we can accept direct applications.
  • You are not eligible for an internship position if you already graduated. Danish authorities do not allow graduated of agriculture college / university to apply for agriculture internships. 
  • If you are interested in an agricultural internship in Denmark, you must apply through our cooperation partner in your home country and submit your application to our cooperativ partner in your home country. 

English language requirements

Your language skills are very important!!

If you speak english languages, don´t forget to include this information in your CV. If you don´t know any, start learning! In the future you will thank for that!!

  • All applicants must document English language qualifications comparable to an English minimun A2 level or higher. (Test results must be verifiable).  Read more about language tests here You must submit your test result to SIRI and agri LIDA.
  • English language skills are an important issue to consider if one plans to work abroad in an internship. If you want to work abroad, you must be able to communicate with your colleagues and supervisors. So it’s vital that you’re able to show off these skills appropriately on your CV to give yourself the best possible chance.  When travelling to intern in Denmark, a English-speaking country, require applicants to take an English Language Qualification test, to prove that you have the language skills necessary to keep up at the internship and society in general. These qualifications are also necessary for obtaining a visa.

We provide each student tailor-made and enriching experiences.

farm We have established dozens of connections with carefully selected Danish farms and we have established collaborations with more than 20 different countries around the world.


internpigfarmWe highly recommend  international students to carry out their internship in Denmark. This is one of the best opportunities to create job openings and get a foothold in the job market for further employment.



Farms are approved to employ interns.

farmWe cooperate only with farms approved by Danish authorities. Approved farms meet the quality criteria, listed in public register in Denmark and operates according the guidelines and rules as set by:



Guarantee of quality and meaningful work.

internagri LIDA have longstanding relationships with certain companies that regularly host international interns through our programs. This means there are an established position and plan for you as an incoming intern. Because of those ongoing relationships, agri LIDA offer quality internships. The internships are practical work­-placement designed to provide you with professional experience in an area related to your field of study or the career you are working towards.


  • Participants gets employment contract before internship start.
  • Participants are provided with monthly intern salary.
  • Participants are offered accomondation for a reasonable pay, deducted monthly payment.
  • Participants receive ongoing support from agri LIDA staff.
  • Opportunity for international certification and recommendation.

Please – Do Your Part to Help Protect Danish Agriculture.

  • Bringing any food is prohibited. Agriculture meat and animal products and byproducts products, fruits, vegetables and plants are prohibited entry into Denmark, because they may carry plant pests and foreign animal diseases.
  • When planning your trip, keep in mind that regulations change frequently around the world, depending on outbreaks of plant and animal diseases. So, whether or not the item in question seems to be one that is permitted, travelers are still responsible for declaring those items and presenting them for inspection upon arrival to Danish Customs and Border Protection.

Denmark – a food and farming country.

A film about the Danish agriculture in English, Russian and Español language:

🇬🇧  Danish Agriculture 

🇷🇺  Сельское хозяйство Дании

🇪🇸 Agricultura en Dinamarca

Denmark has a temperate climate with plenty of rain, a flat landscape and fertile soils. These are ideal conditions for agriculture. 61% of Denmark’s total area is cultivated. The farms are with an average size of 100 ha. However, more than 20% of the farms exceed 500 ha of land. Many farms produce crops, but a large proportion have livestock and especially meat, fur and dairy products are the main export goods from Danish agriculture.


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