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  Agriculture Internship Program

 In Denmark

 We are happy to introduce you our agriculture internship program. 

agri LIDA is seeking highly motivated international agriculture students, who has an interest in agriculture  – like you – to join our paid internship program, designed to advance your career. If this describes you, we would love to talk to you! 

What we do

We organizes tailor made full-time paid internships, for international agriculture colleges / university students in the primary agriculture sector (agriculture, veterinary, forestry or horticulture) on local farms in Denmark up to 18 months, regarding the rules set by the Danish authorities SIRI.

Although we have a very high success rate organizing placements every year, please keep in mind even if you meet the qualifications, we can not guarantee you a placement, as companies will make the final decision about your application.

Program availability

Enrollment in the agri LIDA Internship Program is open throughout the year. There are no pre-set intakes or start dates.

The purpose.

Our mission is to create better global citizens through international real work experience. Getting real work experience while you study is the best way to develop your skills, gain experience and knowledge of the workplace, and identify what your career direction could be after you graduate.

Student Eligibility

A student is eligible to participate in the Internship Program if he/she meets the following criteria:


  • Internship placement at approved and inspected by Jordbrugets Uddannelser 
  • Enrollment in the agri LIDA Agricultural Internship Program is open throughout the year.
  • No previous work experience is required.
  • Up to18 months full-time paid internships.
  • No deposit or advance internship fee required.
  • Paid monthly salary
  • Rented room provided by host company. 
  • Employment contract. 
  • 37 hours of work per week and 2 days off per week.
  • Paid overtime.
  • 5 weeks paid vacations.
  • Health insurance.
  • Airport pickup on arrival in Copenhagen Airport.
  • Certificate of completion.

Benefits of having an internship in Denmark

Here are some reasons why you should consider taking part in an internship programme while you are at university.

  1. Gain excellent references.
  2. Learn new skills.
  3. Boost communication skills.
  4. Boost your CV. 
  5. Improve your chances of getting hired.
  6. Make an income. 
  7. Form lifelong friendships.
  8. It is fun!
  9. Oh yeah, and you get to see the world! 

Danish farms

Denmark is justly famous for its agriculture. Therefore Denmark is a highly sought after place for students, who are seeking an internship. Danish farms are typically family-owned, with 2 to 10 employees, and quite large. The work culture is very informal, and the Danish way of working is often in a team.

Living in Denmark

Internships in Denmark also allow interns to experience life in a Nordic country that is constantly thriving! Hundreds of foreign students come to Denmark to conduct their internships. Therefore, Danish farmers are used to it and are well organized, ready to teach and provide for them.

Officially approved Danish internships farms.

The farms of internships are approved to host interns by Jordbrugets UddannelserThe place of internships is qualified to receive and train an intern.

Residence and work in Denmark

The rules regarding residence and work in Denmark are administered by the Danish Immigration Service and The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) under the Ministry of Immigration and Integration.

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Before you apply, please…

Note: In some cases, we do not process applicant’s internship applications, because  agri LIDA has none representatives in the applicant’s home country, who can help and guide you with the application process and help ensure that you have all the in-country support required and to help you make a successful application

Apply, it´s free!

We do not ask any deposit or advance payment. You pay ONLY the fees once the internship is confirmed at the signature of the internship agreement, so you pay ONLY when you are 100% sure to have your internship in Denmark.

If interested, what next…?

Start pre-application process 

When you believe you meet the requirements for agriculture internship in Denmark and you are interested to have an internship, please click the button below and we will assist you with the process of applying for an internship.


Find your internship abroad with agri LIDA !

Be inspired by past interns experience.

Thank you so much!!
 Now I have ticket for flight home and I leave today. I want to say thank you so much for everything you help me to I can come here study and work. Wish you to be healthy, happy in your life. Wish for Agrilida success always!!! 
I had great time!
 My training in Denmark was very exciting! I met wonderful host, nice Danish people, had great time with some Interns from the other countries. I have got some better methods of farming. My boss showed me how to work on the pig farm. I will try to plant my Danish experience in our farm at home. Denmark is really comfortable country. Danish people and cooking was so nice! I like Denmark very much!! Really thank you for your great support from my heart. Love from Japan! Mai  
It Really Was Leaning
 I spent in Denmark for one year. I had an unforgettable a plesant and better experience in there. I am deeply grateful to everyone who i met in Denmar for their kindness. When I become old guy..I do not forget about this year 🙂 Thank you for evething, Ove and Kristina! 
 Doung er en meget behagelig person og meget nem at omgå. Utrolig hjælpsom og vil meget gerne lære om svine produktion og er absolut en af de bedre praktikanter vi har haft igennem tiden. Doung møder altid til tiden og hjælper gerne til når vi har meget at lave. Jeg kan kun give Doung Ly min bedste anbefaling! 
Importent time for me!
 It was a very importent time for me. I have got good importent information that i will use all my knowledges in the furture when i will build my own farm.  
Great learning experience!
 My internship was a great learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Most importantly, the internship has given me a better outlook into what I would want to pursue in the future. My colleagues warmly welcomed me into the team and taught me about tools and methods with which I was unfamiliar. I still enjoy every minute of it!! 
Amazing host!
 I love live in Denmark, know more about the country, have relations with danish people and learn more about agriculture. My host and my parterns in the work are amazing and I would like to have contact for a long time.  
Great experience!
 The internship was a great experience and it contributed to my growth as a person. Knowing new people and a new culture was the best my experience on my Internship period in Denmark.  

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