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agri LIDA Internship is an Danish agency specialising in finding agriculture / horticulture internships in Denmark. We strives to provide you custom-made solutions tailored to fit your current study, to ensure you an unforgettable stay.

Paid agriculture Internship

Agri LIDA is always looking for talented, motivated and enthusiastic students from around the world.


  • Participants gets employment contract before internship start.
  • Participants gets monthly intern salary.
  • Participants gets authentic meaningful work-life experiences.
  • Participants gets accomondation for a reasonable pay.
  • Participants gets skills and personal development.
  • Participants gets support from agri LIDA staff.
  • Participants gets international certification and recommendation.

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  • Living abroad will change the way you see this world and will give you a new perspective on your life values.

Freedom & accountability.

  • We promise you lots of responsibility and the opportunity to make your effort count from day one.

Questions, comments or anything we can help you with, feel free to contact us.

Agri LIDA are the bridge between students, companies and universities.

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