Well Paid Agriculture Internship, 2017 – 2018

You want to roll up your sleeves and dig in? How about working alongside some of the most renowned talent in the industry.

agri LIDA offers highly motivated students an year-round internships opportunity to improve their skills. agri LIDA will do its best to pair you up with the appropriate company. Furthermore we will advise you on everything you would like to know before or during your stay abroad. If you have any doubt then please do not hesitate to contact us!

Internships in agriculture take place on farms in Denmark, where you will learn about sustainable agriculture principles and gain advice from farming experts. Either way, you’ll end up with more knowledge and a better sense of what you want to do within this vast industry. As an intern in agriculture, you’ll literally be helping to save the planet and the people that inhabit it.

Types of Farms.
Agriculture: Crops, Dairy, Swine.
Horticulture: Fruits, Vegetables, Greenhouse Nurseries, Tree Nursery.
Equine: Stable, Racing, Breeding.

Agri-mix: You will gain experience working inside the family home, as well as out on the farm.

Participants gets employment contract before internship start
Participants are provided with monthly salary.
Participants are offered accommodation for a reasonable pay, deducted monthly payment.
Participants receive ongoing support from agri LIDA staff.
Opportunity for international certification and recommendation.

The Farmlife

Good work & good growth. Doing an paid internship in Denmark is an excellent way of activating your skills and at the same time improving your career prospects through meaningful practical work experience, that can prove valuable upon graduation.
The working conditions in Denmark are generally very good, with companies happy to invest in modern facilities and equipment of the highest quality. Many employees are given the chance to progress further in their field. This often comes in the form of continuous training and education offered by the workplace

Freedom & accountability. We promise you responsibility and the opportunity to make your effort count from day one. We are passionate about accelerating your career on the job and through competence development.

Internships are a good way to quickly advance from novice to advanced beginner and then with further experience, to finally become expert.