International cooperator

partnersagri LIDA works with international cooperating agencies, independent agencies based in countries outside Denmark that work with agri LIDA to assist participants. If agri LIDA works with an international cooperator in your home country, they will pre-screen you and assist you with completing and submitting your application to us. Although you are not required to apply through a cooperator, they can offer you additional assistance in your native language throughout the application process.

If applying through an international cooperator, you will pay your fees directly to them. Cooperator fees vary from country to country and are determined individually by each cooperator based on the services and benefits offered. agri LIDA only works with international cooperators who charge fair and affordable program fees.

If you have independently selected an agency in your home country and would like to apply through agri LIDA, please contact us to verify that the agency is approved to send candidates through agri LIDA. We do not accept applications from unauthorized third party agencies, and we request that you do not pay any fees to an agency without first verifying they have a contractual agreement with agri LIDA. Similarly, if you would like help finding an international cooperator, please contact us for a list of agri LIDA-approved agencies in your home country. If we do not work with an agency in your country, you may still apply to agri LIDA directly.