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supervisorIt’s important to realise that you and your supervisor will need to develop a working relationship based on trust and a shared understanding of what each expects from the other. The exact shape your working relationship takes will depend on your individual working patterns – and the subject area you’re working in – but here are some useful pointers to consider

Keep in regular contact

  • Keep in touch with your supervisor, especially in the early stages of your candidature. You should meet in person or by phone, email or other means regularly.

Discuss your working relationship

  • Let your supervisor know how the working relationship is working for you. Don’t make your supervisor second-guess your needs.

Keep supervisor informed of your progress

  • Your supervisor are there to provide guidance and supervision, therefore he need to be regularly informed of your progress.

Disagree – but productively!

  • You and your supervisor absolutely don’t have to agree on everything – and disagreements can be enormously constructive. However, there are also some approaches to the same field that are fundamentally incompatible.

Enjoy it!

  • Not every job is a dream job, but the easiest way to motivate yourself to impress the boss is to really enjoy what you’re doing. Focus on an aspect of your position that you find interesting, befriend someone in the job, or try to incorporate one of your passions from outside the job. When you enjoy what you do, the hard work you put in will seem like a breeze!

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Kristina Cesnaite Larsen & Ove Eenberg Larsen