Earn & Learn 2018

Earn you first money with an internship!

First 0 – 6  mounths €1538

Next 6 – 12 mounths €1751

You can earn up to €22,560 or more during your internship. Not bad at all! 🙂

Remember, that €22,560 you’ll earn during your internship, doesn’t include the various taxes that come out of your paycheck each pay period. Realistically, you’ll be taking home something closer to €17,500.

The paid agriculture internship program last 12 months. 37 hours working hours weekly, divided between 5 days.

Collective Agreement

The internships is covered by danish collective agreement. The parties to a collective agreement are:

  • 3F trade union organisation representing employees.
  • GLS-A employers’ organisation representing employers.
  • Rural Youth Denmark representing young agriculture students/farmers.

Working conditions

Employees in Denmark generally enjoy high-quality working conditions, decent pay, generous holiday allowances and the opportunity to enhance their future career prospects with further training and education.

Trade union
You have the right to join a trade union. A trade union can help you in case you and your host disagree about your salary or the terms of your employment – but only if you are a member.

There are many ways to pursue your study dreams, and plenty of support to get you there.