Earn & Learn 2017

Earn you first money with an internship!

0 – 6  mounths €1538

6 – 12 mounths €1751

You can earn up to €22,560 or more during your internship. Not bad at all! 🙂

Remember, that €22,560 you’ll earn during your internship, doesn’t include the various taxes that come out of your paycheck each pay period. Realistically, you’ll be taking home something closer to €17,500.

The paid agriculture internship program are available to current horticulture – agriculture or veterinary students and last from 6 to 12 months. 37 hours working hours weekly, divided between 5 days.

Collective Agreement

The internships is covered by danish collective agreement. The parties to a collective agreement are:

  • 3F trade union organisation representing employees.
  • GLS-A employers’ organisation representing employers.
  • Rural Youth Denmark representing young agriculture students/farmers.

The paid internships are typically made available to current students. Living in group housing or with a host family are most popular, as you will likely be working in a rural area away from the big city.

The interns are involved in an intense learning experience through active work assignments. Interns are expected quickly to develop basic skills.

Employees in Denmark generally enjoy high-quality working conditions, decent pay, generous holiday allowances and the opportunity to enhance their future career prospects with further training and education.

There are many ways to pursue your study dreams, and plenty of support to get you there.